Monday, February 10, 2014

This is what happens when I have homework in Cosmology


          It occurred to me that it makes no difference whether the hypotheses are true that dark energy will cause the universe to eventually expand to the point where it grows super cold or if the universe begins to collapse in on itself and once again becomes unimaginably hot; at either extreme, matter no longer obeys the laws of physics or time, so rebirth could easily happen the same way, hot or cold.

          It may even be that super cold ends up being the best catalyst for new life, because super cold allows matter to wave and blend, until something combines to create a singularity that latches on to the physics of our four percent of the universe and explodes, turning the waves back into what we think of as matter.

          To heat things up is to start the process of time, because anything hot has a finite time to remain so; cold is eternal and is the ultimate quantum melting pot. 

          I imagine that the dark matter and energy that make up the majority of our universe isn't made up of material we can not comprehend so much as its made up of material that's outside of our time.  It's because its material exists outside of our time that we can not comprehend it.  The Big Bang started the clock on our four percent of the universe and we are trapped inside that time bubble.  The stuff we blew into still effects us, but we can't comprehend it because its not constrained by our dependency on our time.  There are probably places in our universe where our time is so distorted that if we could survive there, we could comprehend that which we cannot now.  Its probably just another us in a different time.

          You see how my mind works.  This is why I can never finish my homework.