Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Humans are a Collective Bacteria Operating in an Individual Container

Depending on how you chose to perceive the construction of the human body, you could say that we are entirely a being of collectively cooperating bacteria and that life as we perceive it is an illusion created to help our collective survive.

Humans have more neural transmitters in our guts than in our spinal column.  In a very real way we have two brains.  Our digestive system can operate independently of the brain after the spinal column has been severed.

Our big brain up top developed much later so we could figure out how get more food and continue to survive.  But we started as an eating machine with just a gut brain that worked to feed the collective bacterium in our gut.

If you reverse engineer us, our development would look like this; pile of bacterium, eating machine with gut brain, then a body with movement slowly developing a more sophisticated second brain.  It is possible then to conclude that our bacterium may be in charge, driving everything else out of millions of years of necessity, ~cause the rest of us developed to feed them.  We may even be them.


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