Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Back and Find the Light Again

I couldn’t help but notice how you look at her

     I understand

But know that anything you do without love dries your soul

Perhaps you think me a fool for saying so

But I say better a fool than a cynic

For a fool loves and is thus happy at least some of the time

The cynic only has the emptiness of being right

     The world is an evil place you say.  Corrupt?


But have you ever asked yourself what allows it to continue?


So before you satiate your appetite, know this:

     Nature is cruel
     People are nature
     The fable is fake
     But the feel is real
     Today you’re strong
     Tomorrow you’re not

     Love without condition

     So you can fall back and find the light again

Learn to do this and you can be hurt, but never destroyed, held back, but never stopped.

Teach this, and the world will continue.


Why it not be me?

Fade in and focus on

          Kick back and ponder

The child over the fence and through the trees
pretending over yonder

Is this thing of play
of joy and summers day
of righteous soul and gloried way
so far from you today?

When you were he
or ye be she
living life beneath a tree

When food and family
play and love
were all that truly be

What was the more
to your need?

Let it free
and start to breath

Or cut your branches
and dry like leaves

Crumple and blow away

          The choice is yours today

The past aware was never fair
but the trees are over there

Food and family, play and love

          Could they be all you need?

Dance beneath the trees and see

Why it not be me?


Steal the No and Know the way

Air is clear
Breath is clean
Dark and cold
Ends of steam
Force your tongue to
Grasp the taste
Hold it in and do not waste
Imagine you're a kindred spirit

lusting for the night;
Morning dew
New the light
Old the gloom
Pounding of your heart
Question why?
Reason not
Steal the no and know the way
True as life
Urn of joy
Veil the night
Walk the sun
Zero reason, only day


Shakenache me!

I wouldn’t change a thing
but sometimes wish I could

The shame, the pain, the hate
the not thinking when I should

Mostly though, I would tell my youthful eyes
to let it go and DO before I die

In the end, what hurt and made me doubt
meant nothen ~cept what I did about it

Years move faster as I slow down
and that which hurt me hardly matters

What helpful thing can my mind create?
What then, can change my fate?

And so I cry before I die:

Age N Death and youthful plunder
Dark and ominous storm
Shake me, quake me, break me, from sloth and slumbers warmth
Screams of birth are but faded snores; snuffed neith murken apathy and the cold rain of years
Spare me but one bolt of burning, yearning need, to light my spark and free me!

My shout shall be a whisper to the Universe
A demand, set in verse and meant for her

So perk your ears this day, for you will not ignore me
I swear I will achieve and I will thrive, for I cannot fade to glory!