Saturday, November 22, 2014

Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference - 2014

For 2014, I was nominated for Non-Fiction, Drama and Poetry in the 2014 Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference, and took home second place in drama for a short screenplay I wrote called Blowback.

College of Lake County did very well, winning 5 awards, including mine.

It was a good experience and I am grateful to have been a part of it.

Last Friday the Illinois Skyway Collegiate Conference held their annual Literary Festival and Writing Competition at Waubonsee Community College. We are pleased to announce that in competition with the eight colleges in the Conference, the College of Lake County took home five awards out of twelve possible in the categories of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and screenplay/drama.

The judging was done by professionals in the four genres. This was a blind contest—all identifiers were taken off of the manuscripts and the judges did not know who the authors were. Here is a list of the Skyway Literary Festival winners. When you run into them in the hallway, please congratulate them on their writing achievements! It takes a lot of courage and determination to submit their work for review. The writing programs here at CLC offer a welcoming, encouraging space for writers to explore their potential.

1st Place: Leaving Port by Anthony Low (Waubonsee Community College)
2nd Place: Blowback by Cam Flanagan (College of Lake County)
3rd Place: At the Movies With Jesus by Richelle Brinkley (College of Lake County)

1st place: "The Archetype" by Sarah Perrote (McHenry County College)
2nd place: "A Nobleman of Grande Orcade" by Rodney Johnson (College of Lake County)
3rd place: "Shadowland" by Ian Brockman (Prairie State College)

1st place: "Rain Must Fall." Tomoko Funahashi (College of Lake County)
2nd place: "Memento Mori." Elizabeth Dickenson (Elgin Community College)
3rd place: "Bad Drug." Wendy Finger (College of Lake County)

Michael Latza

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