Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Warm out Today - 2014 Skyway Nominee

Below the hill and around with Dale

Walking the main drag, staring at cracks in ‘crete and tar of black

Eyes of the white and gray old guard, glare, while rocking on ancient wood

They sway to the rhythm of the wind, aside their cardboard kingdoms

Pawns and knights lay dead beside bishops and queens, who serve power drunken kings

The mirage of heat before our eyes, squinting at the blazing fireball hovering above

Locusts hum in our ears, with the sway of tall brown grass

No engines or sounds of the modern world will be heard till the train comes

Only thirst changes our course

Clap, clap, clap go the planks before the glass of the old grocery, as they meet our sneakers

The old Orange Crush soda machine welcomes us with a happy hum

Sparkling coins dance in our sweaty hands before diving into the crevasse of the old machine

Clank, clank go the frosty glass bottles as they fall out of bed

We pry off their hats, exposing their bubbly insides for our delight

Sweat drips down the creases of our smiling faces as the bottles spit

Sounds of two throats chugging icy, carbonated, orange flavored, sugar water

“Aah” we said, “warm out today.”