Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Great Wisdom - Simple Truth - Difficult Choice

First caveat:  You were born with the ability to change someone's life "for the better."  Don't waste it.

But should you change it?

One of the greatest pieces of wisdom I ever absorbed, came from the 1970's TV show Kung Fu, when the teacher said; "To light a candle is to cast a shadow." Every action has consequence, and the least thought of action is to do 'nothing.'

How does this apply? Well, democrats and socialists always want to 'do something' to help, without ever thinking that the right thing to do might be to leave the people alone and let them handle it.

So there, young grasshopper, is an example of having the power to change lives, and the wisdom not to. I believe Dr. Paul Jr, and Sr. would agree with me.

--Imagine a candle flickering and the twang of Chinese music playing in the background for effect. This adds a sense of the profound.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

16th Avenue

My hometown was a town of rectangles, lived in by squares.  Row upon row of Cape Cods, bought by working stiffs and occupied by their chain smoking wives with bee attracting hair do’s.  Kids pretty much raised themselves; just feed em and get em off to school.  Make sure they’re home by six or you’re gonna have to beat em.

You just wait till your father gets home!

We drank Tang n Tab, and Cool-Aid; with its mountain of sugar at the bottom of the pitcher.  We ate Sloppy Joes, and TV dinners; portioned in aluminum tins and eaten on folding trays.  But mostly we ate at the dinner table as a family.  Only assholes called at dinner time.  Family waited till 8 to call and mom was on the phone for at least an hour.

When there was something good on our one, and only, boob box’s eight channels, we poured Jiffy-Pop popcorn out of its swollen, disposable, aluminum pan into a big yellow or orange bowl and drizzled melted Margarine over it.

If your parents were assholes, you could emulate the black n white heroes and stable families you saw on the box.  Back then, you knew what a good guy was and how you were supposed to act.

Everyone was over at someone else’s house at least once and saw the indigenous kid catch a beating.  Belts were part of the culture.  Thanks for the PB and J Ms. …  wack wack wack, dang - got go to go, bye!

Cars rusted quickly and took forever to warm up in the winter, yet for some reason we loved them.  And you didn’t know you were poor, ~cause everyone lived in the same house and drove a similar shit-box.

You knew mom or gramma was cooking something good if Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines were in the kitchen with her.  There was always a little spice tube of Accent on the counter if what she made needed a kick, and a can of LaChoy in the fridge if it didn’t help.

You’re not getting up from this table till you finish everything on your plate.

Shopping bags were made of paper, soda bottles were made of glass and returned to be re-used.  Stuff your mom or gramma needed was bought at Ben Franklin and Jewel had buckets of chitlins and pig face in the meat fridge.  Mmm Mm.

On the really great, hot summer days, you’d ride with friends and family to Cock Robin for ice cream or Golda’s for dogs.

Lindop was your home away from home for nine years.  Teachers could still pull you out of class by your ear and screw ups stayed after class writing Nature Bulletins in detention.  So many Kildeers so little time.

On Valentine’s Day we handed out valentines.  So many babes, so little nerve.

On Halloween, kids trick or treated from 3 to 9.  When you got home at 10, your dad would pour your brown grocery bag full of candy out on the living room floor to look for razor blades, poison, and the best chocolate, which he consumed for your safety.

Pong, then Asteroids, then Pacman, Defender and Donkey Kong were cool, but mostly kids played outside… with each other.

Phil Collins, Journey, Pat Benetar, Chaka Kahn, Peaches and Herb, Cool and the Gang and Kenny Rogers played on your boom box and you tried to capture them on your mix tape.  Star Wars ruled the movies and Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica ruled television, next to Son of Svengoolie of course.

Fist fights happened; some of the girls were scarier than the guys.

I’m fond of all of em, seeing my old friends and enemies after 32 years has left me with a nostalgic and broad view of my home town.

Ask these Questions

Ask these questions:

Does the Affordable Health Care Act help or does it wreck health care?  We'll probably know for sure in 2016, when the last hammers are dropped by the law, just as Obama leaves.

Does Common Core education wreck education or help? So far all I've heard is that it's horribly destructive to children's futures, FROM TEACHERS.

And lastly, Obama's swan song, the TPP, which will destroy American Sovereignty in favor of the power of big Multinational Corporations. How can we know if its a good thing if we're not allowed to look at it?  Why would anyone in their right mind vote to fast track something they haven't read, like the AFCA and the TPP?

If the AFCA, CCE and the TPP were good things, then yea, maybe conservatives, libertarians and really sharp democrats like Elizabeth Warren should lay off Obama.

For now, I'm of the mind that we should be fighting him with every last breath. Prove me wrong; ask doctors about what the AFCA is doing to them. Ask teachers about Common Core, and read up on the TPP. Then decide whether or not to side with Obama. My opinion is that Barack Obama is a hard core globalist who's every action has been to take America down, but I'm capable of being proven wrong.

Can you offer evidence that I am wrong?

Friday, September 11, 2015

In A Proper City

In a proper city
     Water lies to the east
     Rolling planes to the west
     And officials lie in front of you,
     Players make the grade
     Blackhawks make the play
     And city hall drops the ball

In a proper city
     You go west for pharma
     North for booze` n boys
     And south for shawarma,
     Pizza comes fat
     The cold wears thin
     And the pace is fast

In a proper city
     Food is fusion
     Sports - obsession
     And news – illusion,
     Canyons howl
     Jazz plays
     And Sox match

In a proper city
     Beggars plead with shaken change
     Children die as cars drive by
     And the wealthy hide behind iron lines,
     Students ponder in shabby classrooms
     Traders earn by yelling; sell!
     And deals are made in backrooms

In a proper city
     Parents listen to little heartbeats
     Lovers play between the sheets
     And life unwinds in the hands of time,
     Wonders happen - then fade away
     Dreams come alive and die
     And poets, - poets ponder; why?

In a proper city


Friday, April 24, 2015

Pilcrow and Dagger's Hometown Issue Features Cam Flanagan's Poetry

Tidings, Tidbits & Tomfoolery For Writers

The wonderful people at Pilcrow and Dagger published two of my scribes of literary tickle in their April Hometown Issue - Apple Pie Without The Calories:

"Why It Not Be Me" and "The Wind Is All I Need"

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Batman Vs. Darth Vader - The Supremely Cool Ending!!!!!

This is so well done, I had to put it in the blog!!!!

This actor, Kevin Porter, deserves a Batman series of his own.  Well done, well played, much better than the original.  Bravo!!!!

This is decent story line too.

We Become Completely New People Every 7 Years

I proposed a hypothesis years ago; that we are fully different people every 7 years, because a complete life cycle of 1 cell birth, x100 reparations takes about 5-6 years.

In other words, counting in 7 year cycles from the day your born, you are completely recycled with all new cells every 7 years.

0-7 one person, 7-14 new person, 14-21 completely new.  You see how the 7 year marks are pinnacle: 7 age of reason, 14 puberty, 21 adulthood.

That's because we re-cycle in 7s. 


Friday, February 27, 2015

Keystone XL Pipeline Project

This little battle isn't what you think it is.

The large Oil from Sand Facilities in Alberta Canada are owned by China.  China is getting the oil from these facilities by train and barge.  The transportation companies making billions from this are owned by Obama's and the democrat's backers, mainly Warren Buffett.

The Keystone Pipeline will allow China to get oil more cheaply and efficiently from the Gulf.  When the pipeline is built, the Chinese will pull up to the Gulf in their tankers and haul it off, just like we do/did in the Middle East.

The building of the pipeline will mostly only employ the skilled labor that already knows how to build pipelines and then only for a couple of years.  Then the pipeline will just sit there. Politics will keep any money from pipeline land rights from ever going into useful hands.

In the end, its simply a matter of which billionaire you want to make more rich.

Those, like George Soros, who paid for Obama's Presidency, did so in order to benefit from the stalling of the building of the Keystone Pipeline, and other things; like Obama giving 6 billion American tax dollars to Brazil to drill for oil to give to China.  (The Brazilian drilling companies are owned by Soros)

Billionaires pay for Presidencies, because stalling things like the Keystone Pipeline makes them more billions, but the converse only benefits 'other' billionaires.

It's not about us.  Greenies unwittingly help one side, conservatives the other; nobody in Washington cares about jobs or the environment.

When Obama is gone, the pipeline will be built, but the American people will no more benefit from it then they do from America's six existing major pipelines.   Most American's don't even know they exist.

The Keystone Pipeline is a Game of Billionaires and the pipe for the line is already made.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fortune Magazine’s Article on China's Development of the Molten Salt Reactor

Atom scientist and Oak Ridge National Laboratory director Alvin Weinberg in 1957. Photograph by Stan Wayman — The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

The Department of Energy is dusting off one of the old betamaxes of nuclear technology: The molten salt reactor. But with political will lacking at home, it will rise in China.

In 1973, the Nixon administration made a momentous decision that altered the course of civilian nuclear power: It fired the director of the renowned Oak Ridge National Laboratory, scuppering development of a reactor widely regarded as safer and superior to the complicated, inferior behemoths that define the global industry to this day.

Nixon banished a reactor that was virtually meltdown-proof, left comparatively little long-lived waste, made it more difficult to fashion a bomb from the waste, ran at friendlier atmospheric pressure instead of the potentially explosive pressurized environments of conventional reactors, and ran at much higher temperatures, making it more cost-effective as an electricity generator.

View the rest of the article by clicking here. 

The information I presented a year ago is now main stream.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Corn-Pone Opinions by the Fire - Accepted by Pilcrow and Dagger for Their Premier Issue

If Twain and I both lived today, we would be friends, sharing ideas, scotch/bourbon, cigars, debate and laughs while sitting by the fire pit in the backyard of his beautiful red-brick mansion in Connecticut.

I would crack him up by saying; “Clarence, I think today’s media is the bacon grease poured on the nation’s corn bread.” (The literal definition of corn-pone)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Progress with The Molten Salt Reactor

Terrestrial Energy Teams Up With Canada National Laboratories & Oak Ridge National Laboratories

Terrestrial Energy Inc. (TEI) announced that it has entered into an initial collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) less than a month after announcing entering into a Letter of Intent with the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).

The Letter of Intent is for the provision of research and development services on commercial terms to TEI by CNL on various areas for the company’s Integrated Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR).

The ORNL announcement is about a collaboration with ORNL. This includes work that is part of TEI’s program to advance the company’s IMSR to the engineering blueprint stage, expected in late 2016*. ORNL is the site of the original Molten Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE), where a 7.4 MW thermal test reactor operated successfully from 1965 to 1969. TEI’s basic concept builds upon the MSRE operational data generated and then further builds upon ORNL’s Denatured Molten Salt Reactor (DMSR) design, which is the basis of Terrestrial Energy’s IMSR.

The Canadian connection brings far more to the table for making progress. With over 3,400 highly-trained employees, researchers and engineers.

The TEI IMSR is different in its design that the whole reactor unit is moveable, replaceable and recyclable in both the reactor and the fuel. REI is going for the lowest possible cost thermal power production.

TEI IMSR Section View. Image Credit TEI. Click Image for the largest view.

The IMSR first-of-a-kind reactors will be constructed in a variety of power outputs, from the very small, 30 Mw electric or smaller, up to 300 MWe and larger still. IMSRs can also be arrayed in a multi-unit facility for greater output if necessary. IMSRs are modular and designed to have very small land footprints. The IMSR can be manufactured with material readily available in today’s industrial supply chains, with methods common in modern factory production and in high unit volume. The IMSR can be shipped to a power plant located at point-of-demand via flatbed truck or rail car.

The IMSR allows many fission products to be removed continuously. The fission products simply vent from the salt and are captured by the IMSR. Thus, even without any reprocessing of the waste IMSR liquid fuel, the IMSR is far more efficient. In fact, the IMSR is six times as efficient as a conventional nuclear reactor – an IMSR power station is expected to leave less 1/3rd less fission product waste and far less plutonium waste. Work is underway to develop processes to remove all fission products and leave zero plutonium that can be added to the basic IMSR for the achievement of near zero waste.

TEI believes that both online and centralized reprocessing of IMSR waste fuel are highly viable and will become standard for the next generation of IMSR power plants, possibly by the end of the next decade. It is also likely that this attribute sealed the deal with the Canadians.

TEI intentionally avoids using thorium-based fuel.

For now thorium is not currently licensed as a fuel. Liquid thorium fuels are the nuclear fuel equivalent of wet wood. Wet wood cannot be lit with just a match so to speak; it requires a large torch. That large torch must come in the form of, for example, highly enriched uranium. Such a torch has no regulatory precedent in civilian nuclear power. That is a mountain worth avoiding. The thorium fuel cycle would require its own involved regulatory process to become licensed for use on a wide commercial basis. The liquid uranium fuel of an IMSR can be lit easily, it is dry tinder to start.

The TEI IMSR will use Low Enriched Uranium, or Slightly Enriched Uranium, each of which are broadly available, and have a long regulatory history and a long-established supply chain. The only difference is that the fuel will be in a liquid form and not solid, meaning that far less fabrication will be required. Uranium fuel is licensed, it is in common use, its fuel cycle is widely understood, and it can be supplied as fuel through an existing industrial chain.

Source: http://newenergyandfuel.com/http:/newenergyandfuel/com/2015/01/14/molten-salt-reactor-firm-doubles-up-with-canada-oak-ridge/

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What is America's Place in The Thorium Race? You Need to Know.

Dr. Stephen Boyd and former New York Times writer, Claudia Deutsch discuss obstacles facing research and development of thorium-based, and molten salt reactors in general, in the United States. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

I've done my research, and I'm on board with nuclear.

I've done my research, and I'm on board with nuclear.

Solar and wind are nice, and can be used to augment power supplies, but neither are capable of producing enough power to meet mankind's needs. Think about what America would be like, today, when its 12 F out, with 150 million people without power, what would they do to the other 150 million people?

Everything is a trade off.

If you start looking into things. I mean really 'looking.' You will realize that everything is a trade off.  You will be able to find upsides and downsides to whatever power medium you look into.  Solar and wind have 'big' downsides. The most important being that they just can't produce enough power.

The power producing medium with the greatest upside is nuclear.

The only 0 carbon emission, power producing medium, capable of producing enough power for mankind to remain civilized is nuclear. Don't laugh at that last statement.

America's advancements in machinery and the power to run that machinery ended slavery and forced labor. No electric power, no civility.

Suffering and endless war for fossil fuels are the old ways. We should let those go.

A Star Trek like future requires nuclear.