Monday, January 5, 2015

I've done my research, and I'm on board with nuclear.

I've done my research, and I'm on board with nuclear.

Solar and wind are nice, and can be used to augment power supplies, but neither are capable of producing enough power to meet mankind's needs. Think about what America would be like, today, when its 12 F out, with 150 million people without power, what would they do to the other 150 million people?

Everything is a trade off.

If you start looking into things. I mean really 'looking.' You will realize that everything is a trade off.  You will be able to find upsides and downsides to whatever power medium you look into.  Solar and wind have 'big' downsides. The most important being that they just can't produce enough power.

The power producing medium with the greatest upside is nuclear.

The only 0 carbon emission, power producing medium, capable of producing enough power for mankind to remain civilized is nuclear. Don't laugh at that last statement.

America's advancements in machinery and the power to run that machinery ended slavery and forced labor. No electric power, no civility.

Suffering and endless war for fossil fuels are the old ways. We should let those go.

A Star Trek like future requires nuclear.

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