Friday, February 27, 2015

Keystone XL Pipeline Project

This little battle isn't what you think it is.

The large Oil from Sand Facilities in Alberta Canada are owned by China.  China is getting the oil from these facilities by train and barge.  The transportation companies making billions from this are owned by Obama's and the democrat's backers, mainly Warren Buffett.

The Keystone Pipeline will allow China to get oil more cheaply and efficiently from the Gulf.  When the pipeline is built, the Chinese will pull up to the Gulf in their tankers and haul it off, just like we do/did in the Middle East.

The building of the pipeline will mostly only employ the skilled labor that already knows how to build pipelines and then only for a couple of years.  Then the pipeline will just sit there. Politics will keep any money from pipeline land rights from ever going into useful hands.

In the end, its simply a matter of which billionaire you want to make more rich.

Those, like George Soros, who paid for Obama's Presidency, did so in order to benefit from the stalling of the building of the Keystone Pipeline, and other things; like Obama giving 6 billion American tax dollars to Brazil to drill for oil to give to China.  (The Brazilian drilling companies are owned by Soros)

Billionaires pay for Presidencies, because stalling things like the Keystone Pipeline makes them more billions, but the converse only benefits 'other' billionaires.

It's not about us.  Greenies unwittingly help one side, conservatives the other; nobody in Washington cares about jobs or the environment.

When Obama is gone, the pipeline will be built, but the American people will no more benefit from it then they do from America's six existing major pipelines.   Most American's don't even know they exist.

The Keystone Pipeline is a Game of Billionaires and the pipe for the line is already made.

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