Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ask these Questions

Ask these questions:

Does the Affordable Health Care Act help or does it wreck health care?  We'll probably know for sure in 2016, when the last hammers are dropped by the law, just as Obama leaves.

Does Common Core education wreck education or help? So far all I've heard is that it's horribly destructive to children's futures, FROM TEACHERS.

And lastly, Obama's swan song, the TPP, which will destroy American Sovereignty in favor of the power of big Multinational Corporations. How can we know if its a good thing if we're not allowed to look at it?  Why would anyone in their right mind vote to fast track something they haven't read, like the AFCA and the TPP?

If the AFCA, CCE and the TPP were good things, then yea, maybe conservatives, libertarians and really sharp democrats like Elizabeth Warren should lay off Obama.

For now, I'm of the mind that we should be fighting him with every last breath. Prove me wrong; ask doctors about what the AFCA is doing to them. Ask teachers about Common Core, and read up on the TPP. Then decide whether or not to side with Obama. My opinion is that Barack Obama is a hard core globalist who's every action has been to take America down, but I'm capable of being proven wrong.

Can you offer evidence that I am wrong?

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