Friday, September 11, 2015

In A Proper City

In a proper city
     Water lies to the east
     Rolling planes to the west
     And officials lie in front of you,
     Players make the grade
     Blackhawks make the play
     And city hall drops the ball

In a proper city
     You go west for pharma
     North for booze` n boys
     And south for shawarma,
     Pizza comes fat
     The cold wears thin
     And the pace is fast

In a proper city
     Food is fusion
     Sports - obsession
     And news – illusion,
     Canyons howl
     Jazz plays
     And Sox match

In a proper city
     Beggars plead with shaken change
     Children die as cars drive by
     And the wealthy hide behind iron lines,
     Students ponder in shabby classrooms
     Traders earn by yelling; sell!
     And deals are made in backrooms

In a proper city
     Parents listen to little heartbeats
     Lovers play between the sheets
     And life unwinds in the hands of time,
     Wonders happen - then fade away
     Dreams come alive and die
     And poets, - poets ponder; why?

In a proper city


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