Saturday, January 30, 2016

70/30; Not Right or Wrong, Left or Right, but The Right Proportion

My friend Dr. Val Malin, PHD, risked his life escaping Communist Russia and came to America after his mother died.  It occurred to him one day when he saw his granddaughter repeatedly trying to jam the pieces of puzzle together the wrong way, even after he showed her the right way, that we are born with a suborn desire to force nature to our will, even though doing so is impossible.

The idea of socialism is a construct of human imagination; we as a people trying to jam the pieces of an economic puzzle together in a way that defies the laws of nature.  Man, at his absolute best however, can only poorly mimic nature.  Man has never outdone nature, or even come close to nature’s efficiency, at anything.  Val proved this to me as only a man of his genius could, and went on to explain his time tested theories in his book Nature vs. Man.

Socialism is work of the mind, whereas free market capitalism actually works, because its construct allows people with different mindsets to find a common value on which to agree.  This happens because whatever good or service, and barter or money being offered, is mutually beneficial, and not because anyone was forced.  This is equilibrium.  Nature seeks equilibrium.

Absolute free market (laissez faire) capitalism however, allows for too much criminal behavior and advantage taking of the masses.  And this is where mankind’s socialist imagination can be useful.

An economist I listened too decades ago (80’s) explained that America is a mix of capitalist and socialist systems, and the maximum ratio where the two systems coexist without the system as a whole breaking down is 70/30.  Seventy percent free market employment and revenue generation to thirty percent socialist employment and income generation.

As of today, it is my conclusion that capitalism and free market economy is a construct based on the laws of nature, and that socialism is construct based on the imagination of mankind.  The ratio at which these two systems thrive is around 70/30, and any economic system that goes far past that ratio will break down.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rand Paul Would Make a Better President Than Hillary Clinton, So Send in the Clowns!

I know I can't change anyone's minds.  I'm not trying too.  This is simply a different perspective on what you already see.

Early in 2015 Rand Paul was polling at around 25%.  If he went up against Hilary head to head, he would get practically the entire conservative vote, because no self-respecting conservative would EVER vote for Hillary.  Also, Rand Paul is the most capable statesman of all the candidates on both sides of the fence.  If you’ve ever heard Rand Paul speak before Congress; whether you agree with anything he’s said, or not, it would be difficult to not acknowledge that he can speak, think, and argue with aplomb, and that he is learned in Constitutional law, Parliamentary procedure and Foreign Policy.

So then, I argue Rand Paul is capable and qualified to be President.

Now this is what (To the best of my knowledge) Rand Paul Stands for:

How much of this do you agree with?

(10%-20%) - (30%-40%) - (50%-60%) - (60%-70%) - (70% +)?

You will never fully agree with anybody except you, and even then you’ll change your mind.   So how much do you agree with?

Would you rather agree with 30%-40% of what someone is telling you, when they are telling you the truth, or would you rather agree with 70% + of what someone is telling you, who is lying to you?

Think about this question before you answer, because from my perspective, people have become comfortable with being lied to. Maybe the truth is that you want the best liar to be President?

What Rand Paul says publicly and before Congress does not pander to the masses in order to grab votes, and does not always appease the Republicans or the Democrats.  It is my observation then, that Rand Paul says what he believes is right, and that he appears to be telling the truth when he says it.

Does it appear to you that Hillary Clinton is telling the truth when she speaks?

Rand Paul is also liberal, in that he vigorously protects the Bill of Rights and has protected the Constitution and the Rights of Individuals and States over the Authoritarian Power of the Central Federal Government. 

But most importantly, Rand Paul has stood against the merciless growth of the Military-Industrial Complex.  And that’s why his campaign had to be sabotaged.

Enter the Clowns

The truth is, when arguing critically; both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump’s views, though extreme, can be argued to have merit.  However, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, should not be taken seriously by any rational human being.   And in the end they won’t be.

From my perspective, Donald Trump was likely paid by the Military Industrial Complex or the Clinton's to run for President, so that neocon, war-Hawk, Hillary Clinton, would win.

From my perspective, Hillary Clinton is a player, primed for another 25 years of endless war and Wall-Street corruption.  She is the system.

Once you start to realize that politics is theater, with classic misdirection and drama at its core, you begin to notice when you’re getting played.  In the end, the media and the Complex will make sure that nothing changes, and Hillary is their player.

Now think about this, remove the clowns, and put Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton face to face in a debate on all the sensitive issues.  Hillary is a capable politician, but she’s not as good as she once was, and she’s not as strong or healthy as she once was.  Who would shine brighter in a debate?  Rand or Hillary?


Now you see the need for the clowns.

It is plausible that Bernie Sanders is a Marxist, and that Donald Trump is the biggest Douche-Bag that ever lived.  But also look at them as a means to an end, and players on a stage.  Look for the misdirection and the reasons for the performance.

Rand Paul could be our next President and could possibly change America’s course of endless war and destabilizing countries.  Nobody in Washington wants that, and Hillary isn’t strong enough a candidate to beat Rand.

So send in the clowns.