Friday, February 12, 2016

Negative Interest Rates

I can understand negative interest rates in Switzerland, capital roost has hurt their economy, so poisoning their banks may actually make sense in the short term (although I read their long term bonds are negative?). Japan, well I can't honestly say I have any fu***** idea why they would embrace negative rates.

If America embraces negative interest rates, that would mean that my cousins were right, and that they should start selling tinfoil hats to the rest of us who think that America is still governed by some kind of logic.

Does anyone see a correlation between the war on cash:
1.  Banks demanding ID for cash deposits

2.  The IRS seizing peoples money without charge or trial

3.  The Police seizing peoples money without charge or trial

3.  Lenders penalizing you for saving money in cash

And ultimately banks deciding to charge you for "YOUR" deposits?
Every year it gets worse.

If you can't get ahead now, how will you get ahead when it costs you money to save? If you work just to pay others, then aren't you a slave?

Of course Ron Paul was "crazy" to want to end the Fed. Right?

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