Saturday, April 30, 2016

To Know Yourself For the First Time

When your kid you think it's you that's broken.

I lived half my life thinking I was broken, and I was, partially. But now that my broken parts have been repaired, I laugh at the system, and sigh.  I see broken teachers, broken curriculum's and culture that cultivates 5th place trophy winners.

In the end, I will go the distance because I must, because I was taught as a child that I had no value because I couldn't stay awake in school, or study.  Today however, long before I graduate and get my degree, I understand that I know more than the majority of teachers, who have learned only to survive within the system, and have never been part of the real world or once were and have retreated from it.

School has nothing more to teach me, for in my travels I've met myself, and I've come to appreciate the man I bumped into.