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Book Log

I have a Movie and TV Log, and now for the betterment of my betterment, I'm keeping a Book Log, where I make note of the most interesting books and articles I have read.

Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

Read (2016)

One of the best damn stories I've ever read.  I could not put it down!

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics is a non-fiction book written by Daniel James Brown and published on June 4, 2013. --Wikipedia

Originally published: June 4, 2013

NATURE VS. MAN  Read (2015) 

Socialist Ideals Foreign to Nature:
  • Enforced Equality (live as others)
  • Coerced Altruism (live for others)
  • Suppressed Human Nature (think like others)

by Valdemar Malin

My friend Val escaped communist Russia back when doing so meant risking his life.   He, like Ayn Rand, suffered the evils of communism and was amazed by the quality of life in America.

When Val was four years old, he and his mother survived a Nazi attack on Kiev by minutes, when a man who knew Val's father happened by in a jeep.  His father died on the front lines.

Starving and homeless, a women named Maria took them into her shabby two story apartment.   His mom got work washing soldiers dirty cloths and bloody linens 12 hours a day, for 1 meal a day, one for her and one for Val.

The neighbors demanded that Maria throw Val and his mom out when Val got sick and started crying day and night.  Maria refused, saying it was God's will.

After the war, Val and his mom returned to Kiev to a small 3 room apartment,  two other families lived in the other two rooms.

A fat old women, who hated Val and always argued with his mom, came home to die with pancreatic cancer.  Val's mom took care of her, hand fed her and washed her soiled lines until she died.  When Val asked her why she did this, when she was exhausted, she said; because it was God's will.

Looking back on it, Val realized that what his mom was doing was paying the kindness shown to them by Maria, forward.

When Val worked in the welding industry in Russia, the state would take healthy young men fresh out of the army and kill them in seven years, by forcing them to work in deadly environments with no safety features in place.  The young men knew what their fate would be when they signed up.  But this way they could eat for seven more years.

Even though Val was a scientist, he had to work in labor camps to eat.

Val has tasted starvation, according to him, it tastes like shoe leather, which he cooked to alleviate the pain.

He waited until his mom died, to escape.

I can't help but draw parallels between him and Rand.  Both suffered the insanity of social engineering in Russia, both love/d America and can't stand to watch America fall apart as the state grows and the people shrink.
In doing my own research on the two mindsets; collective thinking and individual thinking.   I have drawn these conclusions:
  • America is an Oligarchy not a Democracy 
  • America is on a Downward Spiral, Unlimited Government is the cause.
  • Socialist programs can exist and be Sustainable in a Semi-Capitalist society like ours at a ratio of 70/ 30.  70% Private Industry to 30% state.  Once you tip the scales past that, Society and Economy start to fall apart.
Here are some of Vals' enlightened conclusions:

Socialism did not bring equality, prosperity or freedom.  Working in a socialist industry, he became familiar with:
  • inefficiency
  • hidden inequality and apathy
  • absence of incentives
  • incredible waste of resources
  • thievery of government properties
  • the total absurdity of the artificially created socialist economic system.
Life is about Equal Opportunity - not Equality
free rides and free lunches Ruin Life and contradict Nature
Competition and Incentives are the Driving Force of Life
Life is about Working Hard to Earn Your Keep
Life is about Keeping and Protecting what you Earn
Self Interest is the way of Life, Altruism defies Nature  (I would edit this and say 'Forced Altruism' defies nature.)

The idea for the book came to him while he was playing with his grand daughter.

He watched her putting a puzzle together.  Instead of  attempting to put the puzzle pieces together correctly, in order to display a beautiful landscape, his grand daughter tried to force the piece together the wrong way, over and over again, until some of the pieces broke.

That's when it occurred to him that people are born wanting to defy nature.  It's a big part of what makes us human.  But that doesn't mean we should defy nature.  Nature got a lot right.  We can tweak nature and mimic it, but not defy it.

Not yet anyway.

For a Ferrari to run as fast as a Cheetah at speed-to-size ratio, it would have to run at 258 mph off road.  We still can't do that.

In speed-to-size ratio, a fish swims 47 times faster than the fastest submarine.

The White Throated Needle Tail flies at 224 body lengths a second.  The space shuttle only travels at 138 body lengths a second.

We are part of nature,  it is our ignorant arrogance that so many of us feel that we aren't part of nature or are somehow superior to nature, we are not.

Not yet anyway.

The Turkey Rule:  If you can not defend your property, its not yours.

A tied up dog named Max barked furiously at wild turkeys in his back yard.   But he couldn't do anything about the turkeys, so the turkeys didn't leave.

I asked one of my science teachers once, why haven't we already made a pacifist society.  The first book in my log, 'Brain Sex' implies that it's possible.  My teacher gave me this example: there were small islands near New Guinea, several close together, they were remarkably peaceful.

One day, main lander's discovered how to improve their boats.   They sailed to the peaceful islands, wiped out the people and took the islands for themselves.

Your living in a country where people moved in and killed off the indigenous.  Now flip it around, we're the indigenous.  If we don't protect our interests, how long till we're over-run?

It's only OK to be meek if everyone around you is meek.  As soon as meek comes in contact with strong,  meek dies.  The greatest civilizations always had the greatest armies.  We can't change that.

Not yet anyway.

Chaos and Order:

A free market economy borrows its ideas from nature, and therefor a natural order develops in its system.

A socialist economy defies nature's ideas, and so chaos develops in its system.

Because of the USSR's vast size, it took 70 years for socialism to destroy it.  America is much smaller than the USSR, so it would take far less time for socialism to destroy us.

Detroit was America's great social experiment, and was the recipient of every socialist program America had to offer.  How'd that work out? 

The six poorest cities in America have been run by democrats for more than 50 years.  What will these cities be 50 years from now if they're still run by democrats? 

The six poorest cities. 

People behave the same way whether rich or poor, we always want more.  The only way to contain this abhorrent behavior is to create a system that makes a person work for what they want, or people just keep taking till its all gone.

Help by its very definition is temporary.  If its not temporary, than it's a living and a lifestyle.

To make everyone live equally is possible,  but to live both equally and comfortably is not.  There aren't enough resources.

Not yet anyway.

Parasites are a part of nature, government is our parasite.  The problem with parasites is that their apatite's are insatiable and they keep feeding until the host is dead.

Some parasites are useful and form a symbiosis with the host, but that's only possible if they're kept in check and their appetites are under control.

Do you think our parasite is under control?

Natures Court:

One day, a lawyer took Mother Nature to court.  He argues that its not fair that the Earth is scalding hot in some places and freezing cold in others.  It should be warm and comfortable for everyone.

If you make the Earth flat, my solar engineers will disperse the sunlight equally for everyone, the lawyer said.

Mother nature asks the lawyer if he's thought through the consequences?

'Absolutely' the lawyer said, we predict that it will be warm and sunny for everyone.

And so Mother Nature complied.

And it worked.  The temperature of the new pancake shaped Earth was now equal from corner to corner.

With the temperature equal everywhere, there was no wind, with no wind there was no weather, with no weather, the temperature from corner to corner of pancake Earth droped to 8.5 deg C or 47 deg F. 

With lower temperatures and no wind there was very little rain, soil dried, crops failed, and air quality became very poor.

Perfect equality had been achieved, everyone suffered.

'I don't understand,' said the solar engineers, we wanted everyone to be equally comfortable, not equally miserable?

A True Parable:

A small fishing village had flourished on the Russian coastline for centuries.

One day, the fisherman decided to kill off the sharks so there would be more fish for them to catch.

Without sharks to hunt them, the squid population exploded and ate all the fish, which ended the village.

That rich guy, who you've never met, that never hurt you in any way, that you don't know, may be a shark, but you need him, he's an integral part of your ecology.

The politicians that made the commercial, telling you to be pissed off at the rich guy, that you don't know and never hurt you, is part of your ecology too, he's your parasite.

The country that came closest to an intermediate level of equality of life was semi-capitalist, free market economy, America.

People confuse 'economic equality' with 'reward equality,' equal reward for unequal work.  

One of the best bumper stickers I ever saw:

Don't believe everything you think.

Most of the people that argue for reward equality have lived comfortably lives for so long that they casually stream consistently failed ideology over and over, without ever experiencing the harm that ideology has done to millions.

Creativity is a free bird; it develops emotional problems in a cage.

Free transfer of information has always been a powerful technology accelerator in a free and open society.  (Think net neutrality.)

Vladimir Lenin said; 'The way to crush bourgeoisie (the middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.'

Hmm? You know, I think he was right.  

First Book of the Log Read (2014)

Brain Sex

The Real Difference Between Men and Women

Anne Moir, Ph.D. and David Jessel

I chose this book first, because this is the news tonight:

“Please don’t be sad, it’s for the better,” the note reads. “The life I would’ve lived isn’t worth living in… because I’m transgender.”

16-year-old Leelah Alcorn (pictured) died Sunday morning at 2:20 a.m. in a suspected suicide.

I've listened to the lonely stories of transgenders.  Hearing what they have to live though, humbles me.

So today, in honor of the loneliness and pain these people feel because of societies ignorance, I shall learn and share that knowledge.

Brain Sex

Consistently, universally supported theory:

Male and female brains are not congruent.  Male and female brains are 'sex' organs that are wired differently and function differently.

To use an analogy, they are not two sides of the same coin.  Male and female brains are two different coins.  Like two quarters; one from Canada and one from America, just different enough to get spit out of each others change counter.

Male and female brains are wired at around six weeks of development, XX and XY chromosomes trigger the wiring process, but it's male and female hormones that actually do the wiring.

The male brain is an altered female brain.  The female brain is the default.  If a chromosomal male, does not receive enough male hormone for the right amount of time, the triggering for male genitalia happens but the baby is 'wired' female.  This can give a male feminine traits or simply make a male attracted to males.

A chromosomal female can accidentally get a burst of male hormone in the form of testosterone or a similar male androgen produced by the babies kidneys and develop male genitalia, or can be born looking like a healthy baby girl and develop very male traits or simply be attracted to women.

We are all flavored by the dose, timing and type of hormones we receive in the womb.  Masculine and feminine traits and our sexuality are determined by our brains,  NOT our genitalia.

You can NOT force a child to be the sex they look like, because the brain is the sole determining factor of sex and sexuality.

THE BRAIN IS YOUR SEX ORGAN, and makes up your mind for you.

This information does not imply that we should attempt to be androgynous.  It implies that we should stop being ignorant of our own species.

Point of Interest:

I scored a dead center, 55 points on the male brain test, which means I have thought compatibility between the sexes.  This does not imply that I am any less confounded by the female mind than the guy who watches sports all day and communicates with grunting noises.

It is however, probably why I can write poetry, but don't see words, and still struggle with grammar, even though I know what should go where.

The male brain diffuses language and words at the front and back of the left side of the brain.  The female brain specializes language and words and compartmentalizes them at the front side of the left brain.  Specialization is always more efficient and more powerful than diffusion.

There is much more to this book than I have summarized.  I encourage you to buy and read Brain Sex, it will enhance the quality of your understanding.

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