Sunday, October 9, 2016

World Connecting Blunder

World Connecting Blunder
--by Cam Flanagan

Oh Internet, how you isolate and connect those that would fill their heads with information from the age of ignorance
Truth is treason in the empire of lies and you are always a factor, as humanity dies and memory vies for a chapter among your distractors
Your memes cause me to crack a smile and forget what was said when my head is confused by detractors
Without thinking and feeling combined, the fruit of the vine withers and dies, as the taste and the smell of our time burns in disaster
What was I thinking? Was I thinking? Siri, was I thinking? Where is my phone?
Oh my God, without my phone, how will I know what to do when I’m home, and the world ends?
Awe… kittens!

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