Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017 Memphis Day Trip

Traveled with my friend Jeff to Memphis Tennessee, to see his friend Keith Blanchard, and Keith's band, Grand Theft Audio.  Great people, good times!

The second highlight of the trip was seeing America's most beautiful and interesting Bass Pro Shop, which used to be Memphis's sports and convention center.

There wasn't enough time for Beale Street this trip.  I'll save that adventure for a motorcycle journey and a hot summer night.

Photo  Credit: Jeff Toberman

Danny Kaye's Masonic Solar Temple

Elevator lift

The Hotel surrounds the second and third floor.

A Steampunk Bar at the Top of a Pyramid.  How cool is that!

People were scared of these guys, I just kept thinking how I wanted to throw their legs and tails into the deep fryer.

Want to stay here.

50 degrees and sunny in Memphis Jan, 28,2017.  Gray skies and 23 back home.

Saw this in a rest stop on the way home.

Everybody's packin in Memphis.

All four members of Grand Theft Audio sing and play well.

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