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The Lost Civilization of Humanity

Six years ago I was in a class called Great Mysteries of the Earth at College of Lake County Illinois, where I listened to my teacher explain that Plato simply put too many zeros in the number of years back that Atlantis sank, and that instead of 9000 years earlier, (than Platos' time of 428 BC, or actually Solon's time @ 600 BC), Atlantis likely fell 900 years earlier, and was most likely the lost Minoan civilization that lived on the Island of Crete.  This Minoan civilization was washed over and destroyed by the sea when a super volcano under the island of Santorini exploded.  There is plenty of evidence that this happened and that the Minoan's were pretty advanced for their time.

Except the the ancients weren't known for their mathematical mistakes, quite the opposite.  And Plato didn't recount a fable, he stated this account as being presented to him as fact.  And Plato wasn't known as a bullshit artist.

Also, the Great Flood of the Bible, the Torah and Quran have been supported geologically, and hexadecimal diamonds (caused by celestial impact)  have been found both in Arizona and in Greenland ice core samples, confirming one or more comet impact(s) on Earth at 12,800 years ago.  Apparently causing 1,200 years of instability on Earth, and culminating in the great floods that we know of 11,600 years ago, that allegedly swallowed Atlantis.

I would argue that there were multiple cataclysms on Earth during this 1,200 year period, and that they were more than enough to wipe out most of the evidence of a worldwide, advanced civilization.  Sudden, cataclysmic climate change is why woolly mammoth's froze solid with food in there mouths, when they were designed to withstand extreme cold.  And why the very ancients (pre -12k)  built with ever bigger and bigger megalithic stones, weighing hundreds of tons; because they were likely trying to survive a harsh and unpredictable Earth.

On the dark side; the harsh and constant (often fatal) climate change is, I think, likely or mainly why so many civilization turned to human sacrifice.  I can envision a world in such chaos and famine, with earthquakes and floods, and fire and ice, that the most rational of people would come to conclude that God was punishing them, and thus turn to human sacrifice in the hopes of appeasing God.

(Either that or f'n reptiles pretending to be gods, demanded it.  It depends on who you read.)

A world in environmental turmoil for 1,200 years, where God did not seem to answer anyone's prayers, would likely decay into an evil place.  This would make the importance of a wrathful, God of the Ten Commandments, vital to the survival of a people.  Today too.

It was the Hebrews' that first chose to question God and turn away from human sacrifice.  (I thought it important to mention that here.)

It is the suppression of history by the Catholic Church that caused the rise of the Knights Templar and the Free Masons, and that provoked the hidden symbolism of Leonardo DaVinci.

To erase important knowledge and history, the Romans/Catholic Church murdered the Essenes, the Cathars, and hundreds of thousands of women after Christ's death, (in the hopes of killing his daughter Sarah).

For some reason, it seems that knowledge of both the antediluvian civilization, and the real Christ is a threat to those in power, to this day.

The right bookend to this article comes from the discovery of Gobekli Tepe, the cluster of 11,600 year old (Properly dated and confirmed!)  megalithic temples found in Turkey.  And for me, and apparently Mr. Hancock to, there discovery fills in a big part of the story of what happened at the time of the cataclysm.  Graham hypothesizes that the survivors of the Atlantis culture built Golbeki Tepe, and I had pretty much the same thought.  I figured the builders were influenced by Atlantis culture, it never occurred to me that they could be survivors of it.


The builders of Golbeki Tepe buried it deliberately.  Which is why it was dated precisely, because there was no contamination in the site.  The builders of Golbeki Tepe likely took people underground at Derinkuyu to help our ancestors survive the cataclysm.

The Hopi Indians claim that the Ant People took them underground to help them survive two cataclysmic periods, one of fire and one of ice.  Cfapps7865 , a remarkable researcher, also covers these topics and I would encourage you to watch his work.

The Longyou Caves in China also seem to support the idea that humanity was brought underground more than 10k years ago.  Although the video I linked to claims only 2,000 years, originally it was stated many times, that there was no record of these caves being built in any records going back 10k years.

There are also massive caves in India, such as the one at Ellora in India.  And I think there are a LOT more underground structures in Egypt like The Serapeum than we are not allowed to know about.  And I would be very curious to know what is underneath Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

And finally, I think these guys; The Paracas People were primarily the ones who saved us, and that they lived all over the Earth at one time, not just Peru.

Well if that isn't enough to get you thinking, I don't know what is?

Thank you for reading! 

Source: Ancient Origins

Trace the lines coming out of Nazca Peru and you likely have what I think is the Celestial Equator of the Earth, pre cataclysm, and the path of the greatest civilizations on Earth at that time.  By the way, this is where the Paracas people last lived.

Click on the images to see them at full size.  The site names along the lines are much easier to read that way.

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