Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tampa - Sarasota, FL Trip 2017

Chicago, IL Jan 2018.  It was around -6 F for most of the week.

-10 F the morning we left on Spirit Airlines
The Broken Egg restaurant chain in Tampa, FL Rocks!

Hyatt Place in Sarasota, FL - Two Thumbs Up!  We will be staying there again.

It was a little chilly in Sarasota the first night, so the fire pit was my spot.
Owens Fish Camp in Sarasota, FL - I could eat there three times a week, for life.

Jambalaya food sex.  I discovered that I can put habanero sauce in a tomato based dish without spontaneously combusting.

I would have eaten this too, if I had two stomachs.

Sails over mashed potatoes.  Owen's Chef's creation.  Its killer good!  I call it "Flat Lines," get it?

Owen's Fish Camp's back yard.  I want this to be my back yard!

I loved it there.

Again, the fire pit was my spot. Those who know me would have guessed this.

Owen's backyard grill and Joe.

My stomach growled and my arteries breathed a sigh of relief just now.

Live music at Owen's.

Boiled peanuts at Owen's.
The name Oleary's Tiki Bar and Grill in the Mississippian language translates to:
"Fuck Illinois, live here!."

Success for me will be having these guys build a hut on my Florida property.

The weather was "cloudy with a chance of not freezing your nuts off."

Avalon in downtown St. Petersburg.  Pure serendipity. 

Auchentoshan, American Oak, single malt.  A new Scotch whose first batch came out in 2014.  I will be buying this again!

I thought I heard this bird yell "FIPS!"

I shit you not.  This bird jumped off the table before I could get the shot.  I asked him to jump back up again, "by the coffee," and he did. 

Chickens are protected in Ybor Tampa.

The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor Tampa, Fl.  The oldest restaurant in Florida and one of the oldest in the US.  Very good food and a beautiful place.

Good sangria too!

Sriracha, honey, soy sauce, glazed chicken.  I made this when we got home.  I through it in the mix because It turned out well!