Saturday, July 21, 2018

Life on Earth was once Titanic - Today The Entire Earth is a Deforested, Stripped Mine

I believe that Devil's Tower is a tree stump, and it's small when compared to others around the planet.

And that mesa's are the remnants of planetary logging done by Titans.  I also think that Ollantaytambo is one of the cities they or their descendants lived in.

Please watch the video below before scrolling down further.  It may be hard to believe, but I think that the Russian man that made it, is mostly correct.  I only disagree with the timeline explained in it, and I do not believe that the trees necessarily had to be silicone based originally.  However, I do not refute this hypothesis, I just think that silicone fossilization likely occurred.  In summation, I do believe there were 20,000 foot trees on earth, 100 million years ago or more, when dinosaurs were bigger than 747's.

Then take a fresh look at these megaliths after you watch it:

Baalbek Temple Lebanon:  (Baal had horns by the way.)

And Ollantaytambo Peru:

Then look at these places with the understanding that at one time, there were people who were either alien or indigenous, that had a workforce of giants and titanic machines, and that strip mined our entire planet.

If the silicone-based, Earth biosphere hypothesis is correct, that would explain the mythology of the human race being partly Krystal beings.  Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La.  (That would be a whole other article.)

Another fascinating hypothesis that I heard recently that also fits with the notion that the Earth was a living, silicone, and not carbon-based biosphere, comes from one man's take on the Birthplace of the Sun in South Africa.

He hypothesized that the tens of thousands of structures like this scattered throughout the land are the remains of wombs:

Does that sound Crazy?

In the movie "Noah" with Russell Crowe, fallen, "stone," Angles as described in the Old Testament, were shown helping Noah and his family to get to his Ark when the rain fell.  This happened years after ALL THE TREES ON EARTH WERE CUT DOWN, except for the ones given to Noah by God.

What if these guys were born in South Africa?

I found this video to be best viewed starting about 9 minutes in.   


I think there were three ages on this planet:  the Age of Titans, the Age of Giants and the Age of Man.  In nutshell, over the past 400 million years, the forests, beasts and mankind have been getting smaller.

Either man or a species similar but apart from man, went from 200 to 800 feet tall, down to 16 to 50 feet tall and then down to 5 to 8 feet tall, or the last of them died off during the age of giants.  So why hide it?  Why suppress it?

Or once alive?  Guinea West Africa
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Canada

Selechka Mountain, near Prilep, Macedonia

This video starts off slow too.  Fast forward about halfway if you just want to see the evidence.  Some of it is questionable, some of it is convincing.

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