Thursday, June 21, 2018

North Carolina Trip June 2018

Driving through Tennessee; some guy attempted to cross the freeway and got hit by a semi.  This caused a four hour traffic jam.  Half of the of the entire Westbound state highway was backed up, all the way until the end, and through the first on-ramp the next state over.

The beautiful cabin we stayed at in Weaverville, NC.

The main section is constructed out of a reused 1815 - 1850 log cabin.

The back porch had breathtaking views of the mountain valley.  Pictures just don't capture it.

The old Woolworth in Asheville, NC was turned into an art gallery, and they turned the cafe into an ice cream shop.

Peddle Bar, Asheville

There has got to be easier way to make a buck.

These guys were good!

The eclectic restaurants of Asheville, NC are a joy.

Indian and Asian cuisine from Asheville, eaten back at our cabin.

This is how you keep your dogs from wandering off.

Carolina Tobacco is really enjoyable, in moderation of course.

I made my baby grilled peaches, left over steak, farm fresh eggs, and pancakes for breakfast.  Whose hungry?

Looking at this picture, I'm surprised the porch didn't tip.

Lesbian owned donut shop in Asheville, NC - grin :-)

The same super-bright lady that built our cabin, created the donut shop business,and built this choice little cottage behind it.


Dear Lord, we thank the for...

The Biltmore, Vanderbilt Estate

The Chihuly Garden and Glass display at the Biltmore

Mountain Thunder Head viewed from the Biltmore

What appears to be Angels descending from the mural of Angels.

These plus sign or X marks the spot crosses can be found atop the very oldest Christian Churches.

A fun little railroad display at the Biltmore Village

Remember those plus sign, X marks the spot crosses, and what looked like Angels descending from the painting of Angels?  What if they were,...think Poltergeist.   The vortex that formed over the mansion just after closing really looked supernatural.

My boy!
My cousin and her husband made Low Country Boil for dinner.  Wow!  Just Wow!

Charlotte, NC - pretty city

We had to avoid West Virginia backup on the way home.