Saturday, June 2, 2018

Depeche Mode Chicago

Two thumbs up for Depeche Mode at the United Center in Chicago.  I love serendipity and their concert was pure serendipity, with perfect Sound and Production quality!

I asked the couple sitting next to me if they thought the sound quality of the concert was as superb as I did, and they said that they thought so too.  So it wasn't just me.

Good job guys.  Oh yea, and DM's drummer, Christian Eigner, waled on the F'n drums like a teenager on speed for the entire concert.  Watching the quality and tenacity of his performance left me awe struck.

DM's Sound and Production Guys did GOOD!

The Vibe of the concert was Positive, the quality was Exceptional, and I was left with a feeling of being Grateful that I was there to Experience it.

There are not too may groups that can sell out stadiums worldwide anymore.

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