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The Knowledge I've sought of Pre-Diluvian Civilization

This article culminates four years of research for me. There is a lot of information here. The idea is to use the information as notes to help you with your own research. If you came here, it's likely that you are already curious about the subject matter.

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The Procession of the Equinoxes is a 25,920 galaxy-year cycle.  25,920 Earth-years is one galaxy year. That is the time it takes the Sun to drag our solar system around the Milky Way Galaxy in one complete revolution.  1 galaxy day is 71 Earth years.  1 galaxy month is 2160 Earth-years.  And the Paracas people that lived in pre-deluvian times could predict galaxy-yearly interstellar weather that effected the Earth, like we do with Earth weather within a calendar year.  So they likely saw their 1,400 year-long cataclysm coming.
Our Solar System Moving Through The Galaxy on Youtube


All of the places listed below hint of the "global," multi-cultural, astro-architectural, pyramid based civilization, which thrived until around 11,600 years ago.

I think some of the people who lived then, some of whom were giants and people with elongated skulls, moved from Egypt to the mountains of Peru when they realized sea levels were going to rise. I also think that a people with horns ran around at some time too.

Some of them took humanity underground in  Derinkuyu Turkey, Longyou  China, Ellora India, and Chetro Ketl Canyon New Mexico, to help us escape the devastation caused by comet fragments and catastrophic climate change, and finally they moved to Antarctica to avoid the cataclysms of the Northern Hemisphere and us.

Visit half of these places in your lifetime, and you will have gained more wisdom than 99.9% of the people living on Earth at any point in modern history.  They all either hint or "shout" at the observer that there was a Pre-Deluvian/Cataclysm, world-wide, civilization. 

Richat Structure Mauritania  (Atlantis Hidden in Plain Site)
Golbeki Tepe (So glad we found you!)
Baalbeck Temple Lebanon (Like Yangshan, and not just Baal, but Apis, the Pleiadians and the Tribe of Dan!)
Mt. Hermon and Qasr Antar in Syria (Think Antarctica!)
Derinkuyu in Turkey, the Logyou Caves in China
and Yangshan China ( All Closely Related)

Mohenjo-Daro (Nuclear War?)

Megalithic Temples of Malta (just learned of them 3/2018) 

Persepolis, Iran (Has the same stone technique as found in Peru)
Petra, Jordan  (Now know to be the original Mecca) 

Arkaim Stoneheng
German Goseck Circle

Sogmatar Venus Temple

Al Quaryatayn

     Serapeum of Saqqara
     South Saqqara
     Zawyet El Aryan (deliberately trashed)
     Abu Rawash  (deliberately trashed)
     Abydos  (get to the choppa)
          Monastery of Saint Simon
          The Lost City of Heracleion
               Abu Qir Bay, Al Maadeyah
          The Temple of Abu Simbel
               Nubia, Egypt

          Temple of Hathor
                Dendera, Egypt
          Temple of Kom Ombo
               Nagoa Ash Shatb, Egypt

          Unfinished Obelisk
               Sheyakhah Thalethah, Egypt

The Lady of Mali
Mount Loura, Guinea, West Africa

Adams Calendar
The Birthplace of the Sun

Hemis Monastery Ladakh, India
Ancient Dwarka off the coast of Dwarka

Yonaguni in Okinawa
Khajuraho Temples
Konark Sun Temple
Meenakshi Amman Temple

Ankor Wat
Gunung Padang
Nan Madol

Easter Island, Chile


Cusco, Peru
Machu Pecchu
Puma Punku
Tiwanaku, Bolivia

(The two megalithic stone building techniques are Cyclopean and Polygonal, Persepolis is Cyclopean)

Chetro Ketl
Blythe Intaglios
El Morro National Park

Pyramid Hill, Fort Ransom State Park, North Dakota
Stone Chambers of New England
Newark Earthworks,Ohio
Serpent Mound, Ohio
Cahokia Mounds, Illinois
Macoupin County, Illinois 

Boznian Pyramids  (debunked maybe, squashed for sure)


Cfapps7865 work got me stared at Nazca:

Chuck's original "must see" Youtube video on Nazca

The Nazca navigation lines
The Nazca lines Seem to follow the Celestial Equator of the Earth, and draw a line straight across the antediluvian world to the Pyramid of Khafre and the Sphinx (Anubis), and then on to Angkor Wat
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Another "must see" Youtube video on The Celestial Origin of Nazca 

Why don't we have teams of international archeologists excavate all these sites while internet cameras roll 24/7, and have them show each discovery on cam as they are unearthed? 

Do you think that maybe the 19 Smithsonian museums in America are hiding history like the Vatican is in Rome?


This is the North Pole of Saturn

If you remove the Blade and the Chalice, (The Balance of Male and Female), you are left with the Cube alone.  I think that this is the evil the human race suffers with, intellect and reason without Compassion and Love, streaming from Saturn.
The Star of David, The Kaaba and The Cross all seem to be icons focusing our attention on the North Pole of Saturn.  Are we all worshiping Saturn, and only some of us know it?
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The Kaaba appears to be a direct link to the North Pole of Saturn.  At this point, I don't think there are any separations between the worlds main religions at all.  Our division is our distortion.
Salvador Dali's Crucifixion of Christ.  Was he aware that part of the world is worshiping Saturn?

The North Pole of Saturn again
 Are the North and South Poles of Saturn the Crown and the Root Chakras of a transmitting planet, that define the Matrix of our lives on Earth?

The South Pole of Saturn
 I think the bad guys take advantage of our ignorance and keep us focused on the Root Chakras transmitting from Saturn and on our own Root Chakras, through the transmission of fear, hate, and lust; using the media and who knows what else


The conclusion to all of this research is that we were, 11,600 years ago, a global, multi-cultural, astro-architectural, pyramid based civilization, with a common source religion, that understood why mankind fell from grace (Eden), and how to get back.

Before the cataclysm, some of the people of the Earth were much closer to God, and some weren't, by choice.

Today, the bad guys from that time are still with us and they keep us obsessed, depressed and oppressed, so that we can't find our way back to YAH or Eden.

Oak Island - Washington - Rome - Thutmose Treasure on Youtube

Jimmy's Bright Insight on Youtube shines some light on the darkness 

More of Jimmy's Bright Insight

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