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The Knowledge I've sought of Pre-Diluvian Civilization

This article culminates four years of research for me. There is a lot of information here. The idea is to use the information as notes to help you with your own research. If you came here, it's likely that you are already curious about the subject matter.

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The Procession of the Equinoxes is a 25,920 galaxy-year cycle.  25,920 Earth-years is one galaxy year. That is the time it takes the Sun to drag our solar system around the Milky Way Galaxy in one complete revolution.  1 galaxy day is 71 Earth years.  1 galaxy month is 2160 Earth-years.  And the Paracas people that lived in pre-deluvian times could predict galaxy-yearly interstellar weather that effected the Earth, like we do with Earth weather within a calendar year.  So they likely saw their 1,400 year-long cataclysm coming.
Our Solar System Moving Through The Galaxy on Youtube


All of the places listed below hint of the "global," multi-cultural, astro-architectural, pyramid based civilization of Atlantis, which thrived until around 11,600 years ago.

I think some of the people who lived then, some of whom were giants and people with elongated skulls, moved from Egypt to the mountains of Peru when they realized sea levels were going to rise. I also think that a people with horns ran around at some time too.

Some of them took humanity underground in  Derinkuyu Turkey, Longyou  China, Ellora India, and Chetro Ketl Canyon New Mexico, to help us escape the devastation caused by comet fragments and catastrophic climate change, and finally they moved to Antarctica to avoid the cataclysms of the Northern Hemisphere and us.

Visit half of these places in your lifetime, and you will have gained more wisdom than 99.9% of the people living on Earth at any point in modern history.  They all either hint or "shout" at the observer that there was a Pre-Deluvian/Cataclysm, world-wide, civilization. 

Richat Structure Mauritania  (Atlantis Hidden in Plain Site)
Golbeki Tepe (So glad we found you!)
Baalbeck Temple Lebanon (Like Yangshan, and not just Baal, but Apis, the Pleiadians and the Tribe of Dan!)
Mt. Hermon and Qasr Antar in Syria (Think Antarctica!)
Derinkuyu in Turkey, the Logyou Caves in China
and Yangshan China ( All Closely Related)

Mohenjo-Daro (Nuclear War?)

Megalithic Temples of Malta (just learned of them 3/2018) 

Persepolis, Iran (Has the same stone technique as found in Peru)
Petra, Jordan  (Now know to be the original Mecca) 

Arkaim Stoneheng
German Goseck Circle

Sogmatar Venus Temple

Al Quaryatayn

     Serapeum of Saqqara
     South Saqqara
     Zawyet El Aryan (deliberately trashed)
     Abu Rawash  (deliberately trashed)
     Abydos  (get to the choppa)
          Monastery of Saint Simon
          The Lost City of Heracleion
               Abu Qir Bay, Al Maadeyah
          The Temple of Abu Simbel
               Nubia, Egypt

          Temple of Hathor
                Dendera, Egypt
          Temple of Kom Ombo
               Nagoa Ash Shatb, Egypt

          Unfinished Obelisk
               Sheyakhah Thalethah, Egypt

The Lady of Mali
Mount Loura, Guinea, West Africa

Adams Calendar
The Birthplace of the Sun

Hemis Monastery Ladakh, India
Ancient Dwarka off the coast of Dwarka

Yonaguni in Okinawa
Khajuraho Temples
Konark Sun Temple
Meenakshi Amman Temple

Ankor Wat
Gunung Padang
Nan Madol

Easter Island, Chile


Cusco, Peru
Machu Pecchu
Puma Punku
Tiwanaku, Bolivia

(The two megalithic stone building techniques are Cyclopean and Polygonal, Persepolis is Cyclopean)

Chetro Ketl
Blythe Intaglios
El Morro National Park

Pyramid Hill, Fort Ransom State Park, North Dakota
Stone Chambers of New England
Newark Earthworks,Ohio
Serpent Mound, Ohio
Cahokia Mounds, Illinois
Macoupin County, Illinois 

Boznian Pyramids  (debunked maybe, squashed for sure)


Cfapps7865 work got me stared at Nazca:

Chuck's original "must see" Youtube video on Nazca

The Nazca navigation lines
The Nazca lines Seem to follow the Celestial Equator of the Earth, and draw a line straight across the antediluvian world to the Pyramid of Khafre and the Sphinx (Anubis), and then on to Angkor Wat
 Click on any picture to Enlarge it

Click on any picture to Enlarge it
Click on any picture to Enlarge it

Another "must see" Youtube video on The Celestial Origin of Nazca 

Why don't we have teams of international archeologists excavate all these sites while internet cameras roll 24/7, and have them show each discovery on cam as they are unearthed? 

Do you think that maybe the 19 Smithsonian museums in America are hiding history like the Vatican is in Rome?


This is the North Pole of Saturn

If you remove the Blade and the Chalice, (The Balance of Male and Female), you are left with the Cube alone.  I think that this is the evil the human race suffers with, intellect and reason without Compassion and Love, streaming from Saturn.
The Star of David, The Kaaba and The Cross all seem to be icons focusing our attention on the North Pole of Saturn.  Are we all worshiping Saturn, and only some of us know it?
Click on any picture to Enlarge it
The Kaaba appears to be a direct link to the North Pole of Saturn.  At this point, I don't think there are any separations between the worlds main religions at all.  Our division is our distortion.
Salvador Dali's Crucifixion of Christ.  Was he aware that part of the world is worshiping Saturn?

The North Pole of Saturn again
 Are the North and South Poles of Saturn the Crown and the Root Chakras of a transmitting planet, that define the Matrix of our lives on Earth?

The South Pole of Saturn
 I think the bad guys take advantage of our ignorance and keep us focused on the Root Chakras transmitting from Saturn and on our own Root Chakras, through the transmission of fear, hate, and lust; using the media and who knows what else


The conclusion to all of this research is that we were, 11,600 years ago, a global, multi-cultural, astro-architectural, pyramid based civilization, with a common source religion, that understood why mankind fell from grace (Eden), and how to get back.

Before the cataclysm, some of the people of the Earth were much closer to God, and some weren't, by choice.

Today, the bad guys from that time are still with us and they keep us obsessed, depressed and oppressed, so that we can't find our way back to YAH or Eden.

Oak Island - Washington - Rome - Thutmose Treasure on Youtube

Jimmy's Bright Insight on Youtube shines some light on the darkness 

More of Jimmy's Bright Insight

Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Relationship Between Cymatics, Cathedral Antenas, The Pineal Gland, and Enlightenment

New Pictures of Cymatics and the Earth 9G Network antennas that I've come across.  Click on any image to ENLARGE it.

Each rose window cymatic represents a sound, This church has 15 cymatics around it, which would imply a statement.  I wonder what is says?

Representative of the Pineal Gland, the Crown Chakra, or both.

Hindi Temple with its 9G antenna. Click The Picture To Enlarge It

Of course, the Mormons with their Liahona 9G antenna.

And, what I think is an old Tartarian Cathedral with massive 9G antennas.

Original article:

Today I heard Gary Lite on YouTube give a presentation on Michael Lee Hill's work, which, in my opinion, is the Magnum Opus to Lite's work on Tesla, and others, understanding of the numbers 3, 6, 9, division by 12, and vortex mathematics.  Which is the language of God and the universe. 

When I watched his video, I immediately understood that what I had just seen, was the explanation that I have been seeking, for the purpose of the cymatics on the old cathedrals, and of the spires with Liahona/Globus Cruciger and a Cross or a Crescent-Moon tipped, collinear antennas, that are visible today on Byzantine Christian, Islamic, and Catholic churches.  They are all reminiscent of the once great, world-wide nation of Tartaria, who's existence was hidden from us.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Thoth's and Pthah's original Pyramid, Eye of Horus - Pineal Simulator - Image by Danny Whiten
150 or so years ago, a great Mud-Flood allegedly ended the enlightened civilization of Tartaria.  The people of Tartaria that inhabited the land, that I group up knowing as the USSR, likely descended from the survivors of the first world-wide, global, Tartarian civilization, that existed at the time of Atlantis, before the Great Flood.

I think the second generation Tartarians had once again perfected Thoth's (Hermes Trismegistus) and Ptah's, Pineal Gland, and Eye of Horus, stimulation work, which artificially enhanced humanities  ability to perceive the whole universe and not just the the 3D universe we perceive now.

Here it is again at St. Joseph's Cathedral

This was done in order to help humanity achieve a higher state of consciousness, so that much of it could ascend to a higher plane of existence before being killed off and reset (given amnesia) by what was the first of what would be (have been) several cataclysmic apocalypses.  (An apocalypse is a death and rebirth, or and extreme change, not simply annihilation.)

I think I know of at least three of these apocalypses; one 11,600 years ago (Atlantis), one 6500 years ago (Khemet), and one only 150 years ago (Tartaria).

Please watch Gary Lite's video below.

From Gary Lite on YouTube:

#369 #Tesla #Frequency by Michael Lee Hill

What I am about to tell you might change the way you look at music forever.

Around 1885, the Music Commission of the Italian Government declared that all instruments and orchestras should use a tuning fork that vibrated at 440 Hz, which was different from the original standard of 432 used in France and throughout most of the world.

In 1917, the American Federation of Musicians endorsed the Italians and began tuning in 440 Hz. Interestingly, in 1917 The United States officially entered World War I.  In 1953, a worldwide agreement was signed between all nations. This frequency became the standard ISO-16 reference for tuning of all musical instruments.  This tone standard is now accepted all over the world.  It remains a mystery why this frequency was chosen in the first place.  In fact, there many people who disagree with this standard.  They consider the 440 Hz middle “A” to be an abomination against nature.

There are indeed clues that points to 432 Hz as a more “natural” frequency for the correct middle “A” (also known as Verdi’s A).  A pure tone of math fundamental to nature and is mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe, vibrating with Phi, and the Golden Ratio. What is 440 Hz?

I now strongly believe that the Tartarian Cathedrals, like: Notre Dame, Clermont Ferrand, and the Cholula Church, which sits atop a great pyramid, use collinear antennas and Liahonas/Globus Crucigers to enhance the positive, enlightening, music of the universe, in order to Enlighten us and help us achieve higher consciousness. 

Here are pictures of the Tartarian Technology, that I believe we all must re-discover, because it is time.


Cymatic representation of Sound - likely at 432 Hz

Tartarian Antennas, I think they are a recreation of the function of the Pyramids.

Is it just a volcano, or is it a million year old pyramid.

This is Tech

This is Tartarian

These are Cymatics, and the Frequency they represent are VERY IMPORTANT

The Cholula Church atop the Pyramid - For me, this Church says it all.

I think these are collinear antennas, connected to mercury filled Liahona/Globus Cruciger balls, that amplify the sound of the universe and God.  We are meant to be connected to this sound.

Thank you for your time.

--  Cam

Monday, November 25, 2019

528Mhz Music, Tunned To 432 Mhz, Sung Through Tartarian, Mercury Enhanced, Collinear, Catheral, Antennas

If you do not know about Tartaria, The Mud Flood, or The Orphan Trains of 150 years ago, you will need to research them before this article will have full meaning to you.   After you do, this article will likely mean a LOT to you.

Redone from a Facebook article that I posted in a Tartarian Group:


A proper song, sung in a Cathedral, tuned to 432 Mhz, sung at 528  Mhz, sung for God and the Angels, piped up through the twin 9G Tartarian, Mercury Enhanced, Collinear Antennas atop the Cathedral, to be heard by the Angels and God.  And, to send waves of Good through the Earth's 9G network, for the purpose of uplifting all of humanity.

 Click to enlarge a photo

Click on the Picture of the Salmon colored chuch.  Notice the Pineal Gland representations and the different types of antennas.  This church sits atop the largest pyramid in the world, at Cholula.  9G-2 sitting atop Thoth's 9G-1?

The X marks the spot antenna to the right is very common in ancient Christian churches.  Here you also see a representation of the Pineal Gland.  This is St. Paul's in London.
To the left, Clermont Ferrand in France sits in front of an enormous pyramid.

This is what Thoth (pronounced T Ho T Ha), and the First and Second Tartarian Empires did to uplift  mankind.   This is what the Parasites have taken away from us, and replaced with 440 Mhz tuned music that is out of balance with God,  the Universe and the Planet.

T Ho T Ha; combining letters to make the th sound came much later. Pronounce Thoth like a Cherokee Indian would pronounce it.

Listen to this song on repeat.  Listen to it at a sound level that equals 9.  3, 6, and 9 are always part of the equation.  27 ~ 2+7 = 9 ; 36 ~ 3+6 = 9 etc...

432Mhz divided by 12 equals 36, and 3 plus 6 equals 9.   So this frequency is harmony with the Universe, the Planet, and God.  The twelve is important because it is our time cycle, 12 months in a year.  You need time to have a frequency.  At least in this world.

440 Mhz, the international standard for tuning imposed under the Rockefeller's in 1926, when divided by 12 equals ... wait for it:  36.666.  This is not a coincidence.  Listening to music tuned at 440 Mhz makes you agitated, angry and sick.

With this song, or one like it, you can repair your Spirit and your DNA.   Playing this song in a Cathedral is the positive, opposite, of the narcissistic, self-love, that plagues humanity.  This is the opposite of pop music,  heavy metal, etc...

Sing or play this song, or one like it, and give everything of your heart to others, under the antennas of a Tartarian designed Cathedral, and you can spread Goodness to your fellow man.

I strongly think that this is the incredibly simple solution to a puzzle I have been trying to solve.  I don't thinks it's any more complex than that.   Spread good through the antennas with song.

Prayer may work silently, but we are meant to make NOISE!

Make noise under the antennas for God, the Angels, and your Fellow Man.

This is a literal suggestion, not a metaphor.

This may be as important a re-discovery as the Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor, or Atlantis, or Tartaria itself.

Thanks for reading.  -- Cam

About the relationship between Thoth, Atlantis, and Tartaria:

This is my working hypothesis; Atlantis, which I now strongly agree, is the Richat structure in Mauratania, was a great city in the first Tartarian empire. 

Jimmy of Bright Insight's work on the Richat  

The survivors of the cataclysm that wiped out Atlantis, continued to call their world Tartaria.  Hence our Tartarian lore is the second age of Tartaria.

Thoth writes that our planet became plagued with people of a lessor star after Atlantis fell.  These are the likely the Anunnaki, from a time when Saturn was a star.  This hypothesis concludes that the Anunnaki were ET's and Thoth, the Lemurians and Atlantians, were an indigenous peoples.  And that the Anunnaki created us as throw away slaves.  And that Thoth took pity on those of us that survived the cataclysm.  Could Thoth have been Anunnaki, yes.  But I currently don't think so.

There are allegedly Anunnaki that care, or at least cared about us too, like Enki and his wife Ninhursag, but they are like Green Peace, and Enlil, Enki's older brother, was/is the government.  Just look at what America does to third world countries.  As above, so below.  We are like them.  The stuff we pull, they pull on a grander level.  The Earth, sadly, is a third world planet, and we are the Falasha.

The cataclysm of 11,600 years ago gave our species genetic amnesia, which the parasites took advantage of.  And because the cataclysm cycle now runs in 12k year and maybe even 6k year cycles.  Thoth had to create an artificial system to help humans ascend in a shorter time.

This was the first global 9G network, and it worked, the people of Khemit ascended.  The second gen Tartarians re created this system in their Cathedrals to achieve the same purpose of ascending, and maybe it worked too.  But after they left, or were destroyed, the parasites hid all knowledge of the 9G network from us.  So in short, Thoth built the prototype.

We have to build our own, and turn the old ones on.  -- I think


There may be a people known as the Pleiadians who are advanced relatives of ours.  The story is that they wish to help us.  There are also stories of advance people from Venus trying to help us too.  I don't know.

What I do think I know is that there is a hominid species with elongated skulls, that we call Homo Capensis, or the Paracas people.  They were likely a part of Tartaria 1 and Atlantis, Egypt, Tartaria 2, and our world today.

The story is that some of these people were known as the Adamites, and some of them, who were descended from, or were, the Fallen, that were called the Nodites.  Some are good, some are not.  I do not think that their lineage matters.   Just because your parents were the Fallen doesn't mean you turned out evil, and just because your parents were the Adamites, doesn't mean you turned out good.

Although I'm pretty sure that the ones that have hung around till today, are the bad guys.  At least the ones running the system.

Thanks again, for your time, and for reading.  -- Cam Flanagan

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The works of Great Researchers are Retelling our History More Acuratly Than We Were Taught in school

In 2014 I began a quest to learn all I could about Atlantis, because I didn't believe the official academic narrative about the city.

In searching for information, I cam across Chucks work, Cfapps7865 on YouTube.  Following his lead, I downloaded Google Earth Pro, and came up with this:

Click on the images to see a full size version.

The ancient Nazca lines airport sits just to the West of Ollantatambo and Sacsayhuaman, very much like Ohare airport sits West of Chicago.  If you haven't seen the magnificence of Ollantatambo and Sacsayhuaman, Google pics.

Following the Nazca lines, heading East:

  • You fly directly over Easter Island

Heading West you fly:

     1.  Over Ollantatambo and Sacsayhuaman

     2.  Just south of the Richat Structure, which is Atlantis.  See below.

     3.  Directly over the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinxwhich was originally a statue of Anubis

     4.  Eridu The ancient Sumerian City, considered the oldest know city on Earth officially, (accept for Atlantis and Golbeki Tepi).

     5.  Mohenjo-Daro  A vast, ancient, megalithic city, where tens of thousands of people died in the streets during a cataclysm, many of them holding hands.

     6.  And then finally, amazingly, the Nazca lines bullseye North to South and East to West over Ankor Wat.  If you haven't seen Ankor Wat, Google it, and you will have some idea that this place is important.

This is the work, done by Chuck, that got me started:

Then after I found Chuck on YouTube, I found Jimmy of Bright Insight on YouTube.  And his work, in my opinion has closed the debate on Atlantis.

As I just wrote and showed in the pictures of my Google Earth work, the ancient Nazca flight lines take you just south of the Richat Structure in Mauritania, in the Sahara Desert, in NW Africa.

Here is Jimmy's compelling work on Atlantis:


The Lost History Channel provided this fantastic video supporting Jimmy's work

Now take my, Chucks and Jimmy's and the Lost History Channels research and tie the pieces together with those explained by author Graham Hancock, who has thoroughly researched the cataclysm of 11,600 years ago.

View Graham's work here.

Combine all that with the work of Brien Foerster, especially his work on the Paracas people.

View Brien Foersters work here.

And then learn everything you can about Golbeki Tepi for yourself, from Brien, from Graham and from the Smithsonian.

And I think that you would very likely come to the same conclusion that I have.

There is no longer any excuse for academia to continue supporting the old narrative of our history, which is that our current culture is only seven thousand years old.  Humanity re-built civilization seven thousand years ago, it did not begin then.

These are my current conclusion of human history.  They may change with new information, but I think, not by much.

This is how I define the pre-diluvian anti-diluvian age:

The time before the Great Flood, approximately 11,600 years ago, also referred to antediluvian.  Research indicates that from 13,000 years ago to 11,600 years ago, the Earth went through 1,400 years of cataclysms with comet strikes, earthquakes, ice ages, pole shifts and crust flows, that were enough to push the city of Atlantis 250 miles inland into Mauritania in the Sahara desert, and raise it 1,300 feet above sea level.  And freeze Mammoths solid with food in their mouths in Siberia.

I think this why the ancients built bunker like, megalithic cities, then cave and underground cities.  The premier source for this information is Graham Hancock.

And this is how I define the pre and post diluvian, astro-architectural, world wide, civilization that existed.

Before and after the Great Flood, there was a global civilization, capable of flight and maritime travel, that built cities with pyramids like those in Mexico and Egypt, or earthen pyramid mounds like those of the Mississippian civilization in the U.S. and Ecuador, and stone or wood calendars like:

Stonehenge:  Amesbury, Salisbury SP4 7DE, UK
Arkaim Stoneheng:  Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, 457335
German Goseck Circle:  06667 Goseck, Germany
Woodhenge: at the Cahokia Mounds in St. Louis, IL, USA
Adams Calendar: South Africa (Thought to be the very first calendar round)

And lastly, their architecture mirrored star systems, notably: Sirius, Orion Taurus and the Pleiades.

This model much more closely resembles our actual human history.

We did not start seven thousand years ago, we re-started.  And with alien help or without, in many ways humanity was more advanced then than now.

Thank you for your time.

P.S.  History is being hidden from humanity deliberately.  I wish it wasn't, because I'm not looking for a conspiracy, but there is one.