Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The works of Great Researchers are Retelling our History More Acuratly Than We Were Taught in school

In 2014 I began a quest to learn all I could about Atlantis, because I didn't believe the official academic narrative about the city.

In searching for information, I cam across Chucks work, Cfapps7865 on YouTube.  Following his lead, I downloaded Google Earth Pro, and came up with this:

Click on the images to see a full size version.

The ancient Nazca lines airport sits just to the West of Ollantatambo and Sacsayhuaman, very much like Ohare airport sits West of Chicago.  If you haven't seen the magnificence of Ollantatambo and Sacsayhuaman, Google pics.

Following the Nazca lines, heading East:

  • You fly directly over Easter Island

Heading West you fly:

     1.  Over Ollantatambo and Sacsayhuaman

     2.  Just south of the Richat Structure, which is Atlantis.  See below.

     3.  Directly over the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinxwhich was originally a statue of Anubis

     4.  Eridu The ancient Sumerian City, considered the oldest know city on Earth officially, (accept for Atlantis and Golbeki Tepi).

     5.  Mohenjo-Daro  A vast, ancient, megalithic city, where tens of thousands of people died in the streets during a cataclysm, many of them holding hands.

     6.  And then finally, amazingly, the Nazca lines bullseye North to South and East to West over Ankor Wat.  If you haven't seen Ankor Wat, Google it, and you will have some idea that this place is important.

This is the work, done by Chuck, that got me started:

Then after I found Chuck on YouTube, I found Jimmy of Bright Insight on YouTube.  And his work, in my opinion has closed the debate on Atlantis.

As I just wrote and showed in the pictures of my Google Earth work, the ancient Nazca flight lines take you just south of the Richat Structure in Mauritania, in the Sahara Desert, in NW Africa.

Here is Jimmy's compelling work on Atlantis:


The Lost History Channel provided this fantastic video supporting Jimmy's work

Now take my, Chucks and Jimmy's and the Lost History Channels research and tie the pieces together with those explained by author Graham Hancock, who has thoroughly researched the cataclysm of 11,600 years ago.

View Graham's work here.

Combine all that with the work of Brien Foerster, especially his work on the Paracas people.

View Brien Foersters work here.

And then learn everything you can about Golbeki Tepi for yourself, from Brien, from Graham and from the Smithsonian.

And I think that you would very likely come to the same conclusion that I have.

There is no longer any excuse for academia to continue supporting the old narrative of our history, which is that our current culture is only seven thousand years old.  Humanity re-built civilization seven thousand years ago, it did not begin then.

These are my current conclusion of human history.  They may change with new information, but I think, not by much.

This is how I define the pre-diluvian anti-diluvian age:

The time before the Great Flood, approximately 11,600 years ago, also referred to antediluvian.  Research indicates that from 13,000 years ago to 11,600 years ago, the Earth went through 1,400 years of cataclysms with comet strikes, earthquakes, ice ages, pole shifts and crust flows, that were enough to push the city of Atlantis 250 miles inland into Mauritania in the Sahara desert, and raise it 1,300 feet above sea level.  And freeze Mammoths solid with food in their mouths in Siberia.

I think this why the ancients built bunker like, megalithic cities, then cave and underground cities.  The premier source for this information is Graham Hancock.

And this is how I define the pre and post diluvian, astro-architectural, world wide, civilization that existed.

Before and after the Great Flood, there was a global civilization, capable of flight and maritime travel, that built cities with pyramids like those in Mexico and Egypt, or earthen pyramid mounds like those of the Mississippian civilization in the U.S. and Ecuador, and stone or wood calendars like:

Stonehenge:  Amesbury, Salisbury SP4 7DE, UK
Arkaim Stoneheng:  Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia, 457335
German Goseck Circle:  06667 Goseck, Germany
Woodhenge: at the Cahokia Mounds in St. Louis, IL, USA
Adams Calendar: South Africa (Thought to be the very first calendar round)

And lastly, their architecture mirrored star systems, notably: Sirius, Orion Taurus and the Pleiades.

This model much more closely resembles our actual human history.

We did not start seven thousand years ago, we re-started.  And with alien help or without, in many ways humanity was more advanced then than now.

Thank you for your time.

P.S.  History is being hidden from humanity deliberately.  I wish it wasn't, because I'm not looking for a conspiracy, but there is one.

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