Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Car Lot Funeral

Driving by car dealerships today is like driving through a graveyard during a funeral.
The sea of bland, boring, colorless cars, sways me melancholy when I see them.

And that leaves me with questions:

1.  Why would anyone want to shop at such abysmal places?

2. In a world where the creation of colorful product packaging has become a trade skill, and an art unto itself, why have cars gone grayscale?

3. What the hell is wrong with you?  Turn it up a notch people! (I'm talking to you, consumers.)

The colors of our cars displays the mood of the country.  And we need to bring vibrant color back into American culture. 

Cars from the 20's to the mid 70's had expressive color combos. Then just as cars started to get reliable again in the mid 90's, they lost all their color.  Except for Porsche, Mercedes and Ferrari, cars from the mid 70's to the mid 90's were an automobile, zombie apocalypse.  Although the 87 to 90 Trans Am and the 91-92 Firebird Formula were a bit of tease, their build quality was representative of the era.

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Oh Mama!  Still makes me tingle.

OK, leave the paisley and the rusty quarter panels in the past, but please bring back the color...with STYLE!

Do your remember car colors like this? 




I've always loved this red two-tone combo.




Push Pop Awesome!



Classy Bad Ass!



Needs Saddle Interior

Crazy old Aunt B's 4spd Hemi


I'd buy watermelon from this guy.

Toro Toro!

Always makes me smile

Polished Turd

The Last Boldly Colored American Cars were the Z28's and TA's

Just Super!  No lisp.

I'm on a boat, I'm on M'Fn Boat!