Saturday, September 14, 2019

Know who the enemy is. Know who you are fighting. Know what you are fighting.

Know who the enemy is.  Know who you are fighting.  Know what you are fighting.

We can't stay silent and impotent any more.  The children of America need our help.  God is Angry.
An alleged quote by the Dalai Lama. It is unconfirmed, but I think it is legitimate.

"The butterfly never meets its mother.  It must survive independently and remains a stranger to affection.  An animal nurtured by mothers milk however, is dependent on another for its basic survival.  A child who grows up in a cold and detached home environment is similar to the butterfly, in that kindness is sparing.  Once and adult, it will be very difficult for that person to show compassion."

I think the Dalai Lama was talking about Donald Trump when he said this.  However, this statement, whether made by the Dalai Lama or not, gave me added perspective to the evil that is teased in our faces, every day.

Source: Why the Illuminati use Butterfly Symbolism

Because my source for the Dalai Lama quote was deleted by YouTube, I will fill in the details of Butterfly Symbolism as I have come to understand them.  Due to the horror of this information, I do not expect everyone to be able to believe these details.  I write them as being true.

The people below, (except possibly for Madonna) are for sale.  These pictures in magazines, of people with butterflies on their lips, show the elite that those pictured have been brain-washed and are ready to be bought for sex.

In the 1990's Satanic US Army Colonel Michael Aquino perfected mind shattering on children.  I saw an original Heraldo Rivera show with him on it, when I was a boy, and I got sick watching him.

I couldn't process it then, that such evil was not only allowed to live, but thrive and serve as an officer in the United States Army.  But he did.  The records of his statements admitting his involvement in breaking the minds of children are in the public domain.

Thousands of children are abducted in America to feed the evil appetites of the elite, but parents also sell their children to the Illuminati, in return for money and fame.  Those children are tortured, broken, and fragmented into different "alters", so that they can't testify against their abusers.  Because of their programming, as soon as the abuse is over, a victim wakes up and has no knowledge of what was done to them.

In short, Michael Aquino created a product that the elite of America wanted, and people like Jeffery Epstein financed him.

Later on, when these kids reach their late 20's, they flip-out, because their minds reject the programming.   We see it on popular tabloid television shows all the time, but no one is doing anything about it, because not enough people have made the connection between Aquino, Epstein, Hollywood, and Washington DC.  But I know that some of you have.

I can't stress enough, that it makes no difference what Abrahamic or Eastern religion you are.  You need to know that Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC, are likely epicenters of evil.

Pizza Gate and Epstein are just the tip of the iceberg. 

These people below (mostly kids) need our HELP and our Prayers, because most have been taken away from love when they were children, completely against their will, and were broken and used.  And they are likely still suffering.

Are you at all surprised by this pic?

It is God's law that if you know that children are suffering under Satanism, that you must do what can to help them.

Today, with this article, I'm doing just that.

Dear God, help us to help the children, and bury the assholes that are hurting them.  ALL OF THEM!


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