Monday, October 21, 2019

The Education Center Kids' 2019 Best Friends Benefit

The Education Center's Kids' 2019 Best Friends Benefit, celebrating 40 years of helping kids to succeed, not just in school, but in life, is a cause and an event that means a lot to me, because Dr. Michael Litow was a mentor to me 37 years ago.

It feels like a lifetime ago, because it was.  But after all these years, I have never forgotten that he gave me direction when I desperately needed it.

So just one more time, I'd like to say thank you.  Thanks Mike!

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Thorium Energy Alliance Conferance 10 Featuring Senate Bill S2093

Mark Rubio's Senate, S 2093 Coop Bill, must be approved by Congress and the President.  The quality of the lives of your children, and their ability to be relevant to the world depends on it's passing.  Not to mention that whole "saving humanity" thing.

Without it's passing, all rare earth resource development; high tech manufacturing, and clean, efficient, energy production will continue to be the domain of the Chinese alone.  The keys to the next 200 years are already in their hands alone, because we gave them away.

The topics of rare-earth processing, which is what the S 2093 Coop Bill is about, and its intertwining with the development of the Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor are as serious and immediate a topic as cancer; more like plague.  How serious these topics are cannot be exaggerated.  Which is why you never hear about them.  Sigh.

But this article isn't about being serious.  All of us who traveled from around the world to Oak Ridge Tennessee for the Thorium Energy Alliance Conference 10, know how serious the matter is, and that is why we made the journey.

One of the most important developments since the last conference, according to Alliance co founder Jim Kennedy, is that Oak Ridge National Laboratory now offers molten salts to scientists who want to experiment with salt flows in loops.  And they hosted a workshop on the MSNR, which Alliance members were allowed to participate in.

A few years ago, Oak Ridge wouldn't even acknowledge the technology that they successfully developed between 1968 and 1972.   That's one small step for America, but we still have to make one giant leap for mankind.

From here on, I just want to share the  modest photo log of my journey to Oak Ridge, TN with you; captioned for laughs.  Keep in mind however, that the many of the people you see in these pictures, screwing around and having fun, have been fighting for your well being for ten years or more, without you even knowing about it.

John Kutsch and Jim Kennedy, the Thorium Energy Alliance co-founders, are both men of quality, who should be thanked for their service to the American public.  Although you would never know it by looking at these pictures. :-)

Thank you John and Jim.

If you can muster the energy to give a shit for minute, please share this article.

Nope, not leaving without us.  No way ah ah.

Alpha, the Preparation H Machine.  It was a 12 hour ride down, because I missed 75. That's how I role, too far usually.

Nice room.

Pollard in Oak Ridge is where the Magic happened.

I couldn't help but be impressed by the people who came from all over the world to speak at TEAC 10.  The combination of intelligence and compassion conveyed by the speakers gave me hope.

Cool ceiling fans, intelligent design.

Crafter's Brew in Oak Ridge - I'm drawn to Tiki Bars like a red-neck to Arby's

Deans in Oak Ridge - Keto with Intermittent Fasting

Meltdown Park - A little Nuclear Humor

Calhoun's in Oak Ridge - The Best View in Oak Ridge - Good Food Too

Rock'n that Ride Tan in my Purple Hawaiian

Keto with Intermittent Fasting

The Knoxville Market Square

Ohhh, Must Do!

Zooooom!  It did 14 with me on it!

The View from the Preservation Pub, Knoxville TN

The Solar Suppository

That Tree is just Awesome!

Haha!  My Wife Would Agree.

Great People and Booze - Seriously, These Guys are Fighting to Improve the World for Everyone!

Well Yea, John too!
10 hours back - A high of 97 in Tennessee when I left, 55 in Chicago when I got home.
Back to Work.