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528Mhz Music, Tunned To 432 Mhz, Sung Through Tartarian, Mercury Enhanced, Collinear, Catheral, Antennas

If you do not know about Tartaria, The Mud Flood, or The Orphan Trains of 150 years ago, you will need to research them before this article will have full meaning to you.   After you do, this article will likely mean a LOT to you.

Redone from a Facebook article that I posted in a Tartarian Group:


A proper song, sung in a Cathedral, tuned to 432 Mhz, sung at 528  Mhz, sung for God and the Angels, piped up through the twin 9G Tartarian, Mercury Enhanced, Collinear Antennas atop the Cathedral, to be heard by the Angels and God.  And, to send waves of Good through the Earth's 9G network, for the purpose of uplifting all of humanity.

 Click to enlarge a photo

Click on the Picture of the Salmon colored chuch.  Notice the Pineal Gland representations and the different types of antennas.  This church sits atop the largest pyramid in the world, at Cholula.  9G-2 sitting atop Thoth's 9G-1?

The X marks the spot antenna to the right is very common in ancient Christian churches.  Here you also see a representation of the Pineal Gland.  This is St. Paul's in London.
To the left, Clermont Ferrand in France sits in front of an enormous pyramid.

This is what Thoth (pronounced T Ho T Ha), and the First and Second Tartarian Empires did to uplift  mankind.   This is what the Parasites have taken away from us, and replaced with 440 Mhz tuned music that is out of balance with God,  the Universe and the Planet.

T Ho T Ha; combining letters to make the th sound came much later. Pronounce Thoth like a Cherokee Indian would pronounce it.

Listen to this song on repeat.  Listen to it at a sound level that equals 9.  3, 6, and 9 are always part of the equation.  27 ~ 2+7 = 9 ; 36 ~ 3+6 = 9 etc...

432Mhz divided by 12 equals 36, and 3 plus 6 equals 9.   So this frequency is harmony with the Universe, the Planet, and God.  The twelve is important because it is our time cycle, 12 months in a year.  You need time to have a frequency.  At least in this world.

440 Mhz, the international standard for tuning imposed under the Rockefeller's in 1926, when divided by 12 equals ... wait for it:  36.666.  This is not a coincidence.  Listening to music tuned at 440 Mhz makes you agitated, angry and sick.

With this song, or one like it, you can repair your Spirit and your DNA.   Playing this song in a Cathedral is the positive, opposite, of the narcissistic, self-love, that plagues humanity.  This is the opposite of pop music,  heavy metal, etc...

Sing or play this song, or one like it, and give everything of your heart to others, under the antennas of a Tartarian designed Cathedral, and you can spread Goodness to your fellow man.

I strongly think that this is the incredibly simple solution to a puzzle I have been trying to solve.  I don't thinks it's any more complex than that.   Spread good through the antennas with song.

Prayer may work silently, but we are meant to make NOISE!

Make noise under the antennas for God, the Angels, and your Fellow Man.

This is a literal suggestion, not a metaphor.

This may be as important a re-discovery as the Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor, or Atlantis, or Tartaria itself.

Thanks for reading.  -- Cam

About the relationship between Thoth, Atlantis, and Tartaria:

This is my working hypothesis; Atlantis, which I now strongly agree, is the Richat structure in Mauratania, was a great city in the first Tartarian empire. 

Jimmy of Bright Insight's work on the Richat  

The survivors of the cataclysm that wiped out Atlantis, continued to call their world Tartaria.  Hence our Tartarian lore is the second age of Tartaria.

Thoth writes that our planet became plagued with people of a lessor star after Atlantis fell.  These are the likely the Anunnaki, from a time when Saturn was a star.  This hypothesis concludes that the Anunnaki were ET's and Thoth, the Lemurians and Atlantians, were an indigenous peoples.  And that the Anunnaki created us as throw away slaves.  And that Thoth took pity on those of us that survived the cataclysm.  Could Thoth have been Anunnaki, yes.  But I currently don't think so.

There are allegedly Anunnaki that care, or at least cared about us too, like Enki and his wife Ninhursag, but they are like Green Peace, and Enlil, Enki's older brother, was/is the government.  Just look at what America does to third world countries.  As above, so below.  We are like them.  The stuff we pull, they pull on a grander level.  The Earth, sadly, is a third world planet, and we are the Falasha.

The cataclysm of 11,600 years ago gave our species genetic amnesia, which the parasites took advantage of.  And because the cataclysm cycle now runs in 12k year and maybe even 6k year cycles.  Thoth had to create an artificial system to help humans ascend in a shorter time.

This was the first global 9G network, and it worked, the people of Khemit ascended.  The second gen Tartarians re created this system in their Cathedrals to achieve the same purpose of ascending, and maybe it worked too.  But after they left, or were destroyed, the parasites hid all knowledge of the 9G network from us.  So in short, Thoth built the prototype.

We have to build our own, and turn the old ones on.  -- I think


There may be a people known as the Pleiadians who are advanced relatives of ours.  The story is that they wish to help us.  There are also stories of advance people from Venus trying to help us too.  I don't know.

What I do think I know is that there is a hominid species with elongated skulls, that we call Homo Capensis, or the Paracas people.  They were likely a part of Tartaria 1 and Atlantis, Egypt, Tartaria 2, and our world today.

The story is that some of these people were known as the Adamites, and some of them, who were descended from, or were, the Fallen, that were called the Nodites.  Some are good, some are not.  I do not think that their lineage matters.   Just because your parents were the Fallen doesn't mean you turned out evil, and just because your parents were the Adamites, doesn't mean you turned out good.

Although I'm pretty sure that the ones that have hung around till today, are the bad guys.  At least the ones running the system.

Thanks again, for your time, and for reading.  -- Cam Flanagan

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