Thursday, February 13, 2020

Two Day Sunlit Orbit and the Nazca Lines

Several years ago I followed the work of researcher Chuck; Cfapps7865 on YouTube, in following the Nazca lines carved atop a mountain, at an 1,700 foot elevation, in Nazca, Peru. We both hypothesized that the lines followed either the "old" equator of the Earth, before the cataclysm of 11,600 years ago, or the "celestial" equator of the Earth. We were apparently both wrong.

The lines, when continued, travel straight over Easter Island to the West, across the right eye of Anubis (The Spinx), to the East, and BULLSEYE at Angkor Watt in Cambodia. They pass over Ollantaytambo, Mohenjo Daro, and several other "likely" pre-deluvian cities on the way to Angkor Watt.

What researcher and TED speaker Roger G. Gilbertson discovered, is that these "flight" lines, carved in a mountain top in Nazca Peru, follow the paths of two-day, constantly sunlit, satellite orbits. The implications are of this are staggering, but for me, not surprising. What I take from this astounding research is what I have suspected for a long time; that pre-deluvian civilization was as or more scientifically advanced than us, in their own unique way, with their own kind of technology. I always suspected that the pre-deluvian ancients, at least had basic maritime and flight capability. But now, thanks to Mr. Gilbertson, we see support, and perhaps proof, that the ancients of pre-deluvian times, had space and satellite ability. But you decide for yourself. The TED Talk is below.

A year ago I posted this: NAZCA

Cfapps7865 work got me stared at Nazca:

Chuck's original "must see" Youtube video on Nazca

The Nazca navigation lines

The Nazca lines seem to follow the "Old" equator or the Earth, or the "Celestial" (Astrological) equator of the Earth; (both hypothesis are now likely wrong), and draw a line straight across the antediluvian world to the Pyramid of Khafre and the Sphinx (Anubis), and then on to Angkor Wat
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Well done Mr. Gilbertson! Thank you!

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