Sunday, May 17, 2020

Gates-Wuhan Flu Time-Capsule 2020

The virus is real. Whether it was man made or not, is iffy. It is nasty. Good friends of mine have had it. They are OK. One family member allegedly died from it, but I question whether it was the virus or something else that happened during the outbreak.  The numbers of Covid deaths are inflated, and there is an agenda. That said, the positive side to this is; with so much shut down, the human race gave the Earth a bit of a breather.

I've worked with this guy's stuff for 20 years.  Trust me, you do not want his forced updates in your body!  WTF is an IT guy doing dictating policy on epidemiology?   Say NO!

I'm not telling you what to believe.  I'm asking you to ask questions, and to demand answers.  I bet you won't like them. article on Corporate Abuse of Doctors during epidemic. article on Corporate Abuse of Doctors during epidemic.
The conspiracy theories of these symbols are more plausible than the official explanations.  You decide, look it up.
This chart wouldn't be so disturbing if it weren't so apropos!

No one ever said it better.

OK, so we start to loose our fear of the virus.
What a great way to give Monsatan a way out of being held accountable for Honeybee deaths.  Isn't it convenient that they snuck Murder Hornets in during the plannedemic?
To my left-leaning friends.  I don't particularly like President Donald Trump.  I was never a fan.   I do however like the people that like Donald Trump.  I believe in the above message, not the man.
  This is Good! and it's Trump.  Click here to see Trump speak about China.  Even if you hate the guy.
For the record.  I supported this guy!

Good Cops! 

Officer Greg Anderson
Deputy Michael Seney
I am a Libertarian.  I see value in some of what my left-leaning friends have to say.  I value freedom more than safety.  Take it or leave it.  I'm sick and tired of Soy-Boys', Karens' and Fn Commies'!