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Continuity of the Narative of the Negative Influence that Reptilians Have Upon Mankind

The famous legend of Saint George is of him slaying a dragon. In the Middle Ages, the dragon was commonly used to represent the devil.  So I pose the questions; What if devils, plural?  And what if not so mythical after all?

Below you see a photo from one of the members of a Tartarian Group that I belong to.  (Forgive me for not citing you properly.  If you contact me, I will.)
This photo demonstrates the victory of the dragon over St. George.  It stands on Waterloo Bridge, heading toward London Town in London England.   London Town is the original location for Rothschild Central Banking.  Our Federal Reserve is the second. 

And in the Thames, not far from the Waterloo Bridge, this helmet was found, dating back to 150BC.  I've done a lot of research on people with horns throughout history.  And most of the stories are NOT of evil people.

But it does remind me of the story of the "Sea People."  The Sea People are "Real" history, not fringe.

And I just can't help but wonder if the Sea People weren't Pleiadian.

In the story of the Pleidadian vs. Anunnaki wars. 30,000 warriors came from the Taurus star system, near the Pleiades, and stranded themselves here to fight the Anunnaki, who came from Orion, and who had enslaved us.   In this story, the Peiadians are advanced group of human kind fighting the Anunnaki Reptiles here on Earth, because they took pity on our situation.

Outside of our Planet, eons of fighting had ended with a tenuous truce between the two species which left us stranded as the property of the Anunnaki.  This is why the 30,000 Pleiadians had to volunteer to live and die here on Earth to help us.  Once they committed to help us, they could not get help from outside, due to the treaty.

Unfortunately for us and them, they lost the conflict.

After the Pleiadians were defeated and enslaved, the Roman Empire began showing Bull Fights to their people to symbolize the Anunnaki's defeat of the warriors, who wore horns to symbolize their fidelity to Taurus.

The Minoans of Crete and others were likely Pleiadian.  They were destroyed by a super volcano.  Standard history accepts that the Minoan were very advanced for their time.

If you go all the way back to the first dynasty in Egypt, and maybe further than that, the people of the time moved into structures of immense megalithic size that they did not build.  In one of these structures, the Serapea, they raised a choice young bull that they revered, allowing it to live a long, pampered live.  This went on for 3,000 years.  I think this structure was Pleiadian.  The Bull they worshiped was known as Apis, Hapis, or “Hapi-ankh”.  Serapea Info

I suspect that Sea People who attacked Egypt and Greece were the Pleiadians making a last stand to free us.   If the Anunnaki had taken hold in London Town, UK, then they would have attacked there too.

The Sea Peoples shown being defeated at the hand of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III.

The Sea People were similar to the Vikings, but one thousand years earlier.   I wonder if the Vikings weren't their descendants, who had long forgotten who they were, much like us today.

Back to the reptiles.

What if the people with elongated skulls, who are known to us as the Paracas People, or the Homo Capensis people, really are Reptilian, Human hybrids?   The statue of the Ubaid Lizard people is from ancient Mesopotamia, and are only one of the references to Reptilians, in ancient times.   Again, I would like to point out that just because people may be Homo Capensis descendant, or have  Reptilian DNA in them, does not mean that they are, or were, necessarily evil.

I do however, strongly think, that we are dealing with a Cabal of Evil today, that are controlled by people of Homo Capensis and maybe Reptilian descent.  But just as humans can be good or evil at any given moment. So can they.  I say this because I'm reasonably sure that I will meet them someday, and don't want them to think that I am rushing to judgement.  (If I'm lucky enough to meet those that happen to be decent people.)

The Maya and the evil influence of the Reptilians.

The Maya fed young men pure dark chocolate, which stimulated their Pineal glands, cut out their beating hearts, and threw them down these steps. If you don't know anything about our Pineal glands, look it up.  Pineal glands are very important, but a different story.


The Sumerian, the Mesopotamian, and the Mayan people, all have stories of Reptilians.  What I have pieced together, explains that when the Good, higher level beings left Earth, only the bad remained.

Our ancestors, lost without their "gods" (little g), were easily influenced by the Reptiles who convinced them that their gods required human sacrifice to come back or show favor upon them.  So our ancestors started sacrificing people by the the thousands, maybe millions.

What the Reptiles really wanted, was to feed off of our suffering.  Which is why those that serve them, create War, Poverty, Famine, Civil Unrest, and Viral Plagues.  (Think Bill Gates, The Rothschild's, The Bush's, The Clinton's, Joe Biden, etc...)

To understand how they feed off of our suffering is to understand the science and spirituality of frequency and vibration.  But again, related to, and like the Pineal gland, that is a different story.

The Hebrews, and later the Christians, rejected the Reptilians offer of favors in return for human sacrifice.   And that is the actual story of St. George and the Dragon.  The Dragon(s) demanded human sacrifice from St. George at a dark time (which the Reptilians likely created) in human history, and he said NO!

And according to the stories of David Ike, the common thread that binds the humans that serve the Reptiles is human sacrifice and pedophilia.

So when you see the dragon holding St. George's shied on the way to the Rothschild Central Bank in London Town, remember what their family did and does to have all that power and wealth.

The three independent City States, the Vatican, London Town, and Washington DC, which are legally separate from the nations in which they reside, likely serve the Dragon.


But before you judge "them", I would remind you that the evil of the Reptilians has been around forever, and it is more important that "YOU" know who you serve, the dragon, or God.   Then to know that that the people that have chose the dragon, are the ones in power.

Thank you for your time.

(Above and Below) These were very likely Good Homo Capensis People who saved us from cataclysm, helped and taught us!

Above is the Longyou Cave in China, have you heard of it?  Look at the hats, then look up Longyou cave.

Longyou is much like Derinkuyu in Turkey, Chaco Canyon in the USA, and Ellora India. 

The curlicue line stretching from the third eye (the pineal gland), is our connection to God, and the Universe.  The bad guys have been suppressing ours all our lives.  But no more.

Again, thank you for your time.




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