Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Don't Burn Down Your Communities

I'm a biker, and white. I pulled into the parking lot of Bar/Restaurant that had dozens of bikes in it; because it looked like fun.  As I pulled in, a raid went down, and I tried to turn and leave. I got cut off by a cruiser and had several guns pulled on me.  All the cops were shrimps, not one of them over 5' 7".  They looked scared and young to me, because they were.  I was cuffed and searched, along with my bike, 3 times over 30 minutes.


The cops looked genuinely peeved when they had to let me go. 


I got really pissed off when I saw what happened to George Floyd. I and everyone I knew, who saw what happened to him, were also seriously pissed off.


I feel differently about the Blake shooting.  Because if on the day the cops drew their guns on me; I had ignored them, turned my backs on them, and reached into my saddle bag, I truly believe that I would have had a clip emptied in me too.


Kenosha is good place with lots of good people; black and white.  Many businesses in the downtown area were just hanging on, and most of the store fronts were still empty, before the riots. The harm that is happening because of these riots will hurt you and your loved ones more than racism.


All cops, of all colors, are trained to empty their clips when that final line is crossed.  The first job of a cop is to go home to their families after their shift.


Your anger is understandable and justified most of the time.  But please also understand that there are plenty of us white guys trying not to turn our backs and grow cold to the racism you face.


On this last occasion, Blake made a fatal mistake; when the cop who shot him, tried to keep him from going to his front seat, and Jacob Blake did anyway.


Don't let 1968 happen again to your communities.  Most of them never came back, the businesses never came back.  If the cops really fuck up, that's one thing. But this time, they didn't.  I'm only saying this because I give a shit.


Be well.



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