Friday, September 18, 2020

Synchronicity Sunrise - Kenosha 9-18-2020

Today had a Synchronicity Sunrise.

The pictures are in order to tell the story:

First, the Coffee Pot survived the riots.  I am very happy and thankful for this, as it is one of my absolute favorite breakfast spots.


If you don't have a basic knowledge of Gemetria addition, the governing vortex mathematics of 3,6, and 9, or the beauty of synchronicity.  I will do my best to explain them, which will help you to understand the beauty of today. 

I awoke at 4:23, which in Gemetria is 4+2+3 @ 9.  I checked Sunrise time, and discovered that it was going to be at 6:36, which is 6+3+6 ~equivalent to 15, which is 1+5 @ 6.   And today is 9-18, which is 9+1+8 ~equivalent to 18, which again is 1+8 @ 9.

While learning the frequency/vibration, and vortex mathematical principle that is the programing language of our universe, as explained by Nikola Tesla.   You discover that the numbers 3, 6, and ultimately 9 are the shepherds of frequency and vibration.  Which is the "All" of our universe.

When you start to awaken, and begin to seek truth and enlightenment, which is NOT all sunshine and roses, then you begin to experience synchronicity, which is very nice and is very helpful when navigating your day to day life.

Synchronicity is like a dance step.  1,2,3, cha,cha,cha,cha... And when you're in sync, chipping away at adversity, and enjoying simplicity just gets smoother and easier.

Here are a few diagrams to understand frequency and synchronicity: 

God's Frequencies

Vortex Math, Governed by 3, 6, and 9

On to the story:

As I pulled up to the beach, the odometer turned 222,222.  Which in Gemetria, is 3.  Perfect synchronicity.

I found this beautiful sculpture at the traffic circle to be very apropos.


On the beach was a shrine to a young person that had drowned.


Venus was out this morning to watch me, watch the sunrise.  There are those that believe that Angels are actually older, higher level beings from Venus who are trying to help us along.  I don't know if that's true or not.  But here for a perfect synchronicity sunrise, was Venus.

I went a little further out onto the breaker, toward the lighthouse, to catch the view, and got this shot!

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This is what I came for!

Perfect Timing! As I was rushing to get a better angle, the Sun popped up behind the lighthouse.  Click!


It looks like the the edge of the water caught fire!

I like the stark beach/water line in this one.

I had a huge breakfast at The Pot, so I went for a walk at the Rollins Preserve.  There I got a couple of bonus shots.

 Thanks for your time.

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