About Me

Hello everyone, I'm
Cam Flanagan.

Scribe of Literary Tickle and Painter of Words.

I suffered from both insomnia and sleep apnea for years. These are treated and under control now, and there is upside to them, "Imagination," mine runs constantly.

When I’m able focus this dream noise, I can imagine whole universes in my mind, creating; movies, songs, stories, poetry and alternative life, often far more compelling than the one I live.  If I can continue to discipline this to my favor, I can become a great writer and story teller.

I will declare my creations here.

Please enjoy them to the fullest.

Download Katheryn Starstruck
-my first book of poetry and inspiration

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Click here to purchase Katheryn Starstruck from the publisher and enjoy the beauty of its layout and design to the fullest.